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Hire a Lifestyle Writer: Meet 17 Experts

Are you launching a blog for your fashion line and need a lifestyle writer? Perhaps your target audience is the parents of newborns? Maybe your site compiles first-hand insights on what hot spots you should visit when traveling. Regardless of the topic, we’ve pulled together a life of lifestyle writers who can get the job done. 

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Jennifer Graham – Lifestyle Writer, Blogger & Mom

“Jennifer G has a deep love for writing and English, which both led her to start freelancing online. So far, Jennifer has been paid to write product reviews,  ebooks, and blog posts covering a myriad of topics, including adventure, medicine, law, rehab, health, and wellness.”

Area of expertise:

  • Fashion trends
  • Home and family 
  • New mothers
  • Toddlers

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Elizabeth Trach – Lifestyle Writer & Editor 

“I’m a professional writer with experience writing online catalog copy, video scripts, web pages for everything from home decor to construction company websites, and how-to articles on dozens of fresh DIY topics. I’m also an expert blogger with a knack for breaking down complex topics into friendly, easily digestible posts. 

I hold a master’s degree in English and creative writing. In addition to writing short fiction and poetry, I’m also an accomplished academic writer, and these skills serve me well in white papers and research projects. My ability to craft a well-turned metaphor also sets apart my commercial writing, so if you’re looking for something more enduring than a basic, SEO-driven drivel, we should talk.

I’m also a certified educator with 18 years of classroom experience teaching English and Spanish at all levels, from kindergarten to college. I’ve published multiple curricula and white papers for school districts as well as parent-friendly articles and blog posts.

In addition to my work as a teacher, I’m a pretty kick-ass gardener with over 15 years of experience growing food using sustainable methods. From 2011 to 2018, I wrote about all my adventures and offered advice about organic gardening, food preservation, cooking, frugal living, DIY projects, and travel at my blog, Port Potager. I’m also the author of “Both Sides of My Skin,” a collection of short stories from Annorlunda Books.

Area of expertise:

  • DIY projects
  • College and education 
  • Retirement community 
  • Preschool and early childhood education 
  • Parenting and family

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Hailey Foster – Lifestyle & Aspiring Fiction Writer

“Hi, I’m Hailey, a freelance writer for hire and aspiring fiction writer. I can add a fresh, creative, and engaging twist to your writing and content needs! I can help save you time and craft content that engages with your target audience.

My specialties include copywriting, content writing, ghostwriting, and editing/proofreading. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a double minor in Communication and Professional Writing.

I’ve worked with companies like Chegg Play and Investis Digital and have guest-written content on multiple blogging sites. I have also ghostwritten content for a successful freelance writer on a few occasions. I’ve recently become a writer for The Cannabis Report, an online publication dedicated to the topic of cannabis with discussions on culture, education, and business.

I have a true passion for writing and treat my freelance writing as a business. I’m dedicated to producing the highest quality writing for my clients. I have sharp attention to detail and a strong work ethic.”

Area of expertise:

  • Healthy living
  • Mindset 
  • Productivity 

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Theresa Holland – Lifestyle Blogger

“I am a professional freelance writer and lifestyle blogger.  My online writing career began with a personal, comedic blog that gained a significant following. 

I write for a variety of clients and online publications specializing in beauty, lifestyle, health, tech, travel, home improvement, and personal finance. I have experience with SEO content creation in the form of blog posts, short- and long-form articles, listicles, infographics, email campaigns, webpage copy, and more.”

Area of expertise:

  • Makeup and hair 
  • Motion pictures and film 
  • Photography
  • Online shopping and retail 

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Caitlin Lemon – Copywriter and Lifestyle Content Writer

“Hi, I’m Caitlin.  A copywriter and content writer for hire. I harness the power of storytelling, content marketing, and creativity to create content that better connects with audiences and helps you expand your reach.

I don’t believe pushing out content for the sake of it gets you what you want (more customers, subscribers, a night off). Quality, well-crafted copy does.

I have experience in Higher Education (I designed and taught my own course to undergraduate students) and Latin America (I have a master’s degree in Latin American Studies and traveled there). My work has been featured in Freelancer FAQs, Love, and Vice, and Ivy Exec.

I have knowledge, interest, and personal experience in content marketing, travel, pets, wellness, and career advice.

Think we should work together? I’d love to hear from you! Contact me today to set up a quick chat!”

Area of expertise:

  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Remote work 
  • Wellness
  • Career advice 

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Jolene Hansen – B2B Writer

“I’m a freelance B2B and B2C writer specializing in professional content for businesses, publications, and individuals in horticulture, lawn & garden, marketing, hospitality, health, commercial cannabis and hemp. 

As a former horticulture professional and marketing communications specialist, I understand your business and your audience. As a writer, I deliver accurate, authoritative and engaging content that professionals and consumers value and trust.”

Area of expertise:

  • Lawn and garden
  • Organic foods 
  • Business travel 
  • Horticulture 
  • Cannabis and hemp 

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Vanessa Gibbs – Freelance Writer & Journalist

“Hi there! I’m Vanessa. I’m a freelance writer, journalist, content marketing writer, and copywriter based in London, UK. I have a degree in English and Creative Writing and five years’ experience crafting content, copy, and editorial for clients like the New York Times,, and MasterCard.

I cover travel, lifestyle, food & drink, health, and hospitality technology topics and write for both print and online blog posts, copy, B2B, native advertising, and content marketing.

I’ve written content marketing and copy for brands like MasterCard,, Dune, Top Villas, Devour Tours, Blinkist, Blacklane, Teletext Holidays, Scenic, Evergreen Tours, and Emerald Waterways. And editorial for publications like the New York Times, Wanderlust, United’s Hemispheres, American Airlines’ American Way, Malaysian Airlines’ Going Places, and Delta’s Sky magazine.”

Area of expertise:

  • Food and drink 
  • Travel 
  • Apparel and fashion 

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Emerald Barnes – Lifestyle Blogger

“Emerald is a freelance writer who lives in sunny Florida and spends her days creating new worlds and exploring human interaction in hopes of uncovering a common ground. She credits her writing for giving her the strength to continue fighting to live amidst the intense pain she suffers daily. Armed with her pen, Emerald is living proof that you can be happy in hard times if you just have a little imagination.

A former eight-year lifestyle blogger, Emerald has written articles for top companies such as Walmart, Hanes, and Lane Bryant.”

Area of expertise: 

  • Mental health
  • Body image
  • Disability health and happiness
  • Vegan lifestyle 
  • Music and book reviews 
  • Pop culture 

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Linda Kinsman – Lifestyle Writer

“Hi, I’m Linda, a happy Nashville, TN, work-at-home mom (WAHM) of two Gen Z daughters celebrating 20 years of working at home. I enjoy sharing my love of all things home and garden, organizing, WAHM Tips, family fun, giveaways, and easy recipes. It takes a good plan to keep all our busy mom plates spinning, and I’m here to help you with practical, can-do tips and ideas while embracing imperfection!”

Area of expertise:

  • Parenting 
  • Home and garden
  • Organizing
  • Family activities
  • Recipe creation 
  • Beauty tips 

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Ramon Antonio Matta – Lifestyle Content Writer

“I’m a proud member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Association of Health Care Journalists. I’m also affiliated with the Center for Health Journalism at the University of Southern California. 

I’ve been writing content for online audiences for several years and have participated in several content marketing campaigns for brands such as Indeed, UpCounsel, WeRecover, Steroidly, eBay, and various clients worldwide.

Of all the verticals, writing about health and wellness is my favorite—inclusive of topics discussing mental health, substance use, and recovery. I’m conversant in SEO and have certification in Inbound and Content Marketing. 

I’m always a professional, but I keep a pleasant disposition. For fun, when I’m away from my laptop and the WordPress CMS, linguistics, grammar, and syntax, you are likely to find me hiking, cycling, or doing volunteer work as a trained peer support counselor for those with mental illness.”

Area of expertise:

  • Health and wellness
  • Mental health 
  • Substance abuse and recovery 
  • Religion & spirituality 
  • Senior living
  • Parenting
  • Media and entertainment 
  • Personal finance 

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Nicole Slaughter Graham 

“I believe in the power of story. Every person, brand, and product has a story to tell that will engage an audience. In today’s age, that story just needs to include a little SEO so Google can believe in it, too. I’m a skilled writer with the ability to help you reach your audience, attract clients, and inform and educate.

I’ve worked with well-known publications and businesses like USA Today, NACM, U.S. News & World Report, MAP Health, Lifehack, duPont REGISTRY, CreditRiskMonitor, GOOD Media, REALTOR magazine, CreditRiskMonitor, and ShankmanLeone.

I specialize in reported journalism, long-form magazine articles, blog posts, web content, and copywriting, and I love research and interviewing. I’ve written blog posts and newsletters for businesses large and small, and I’m ready to help your business reach the next level.”

Area of expertise:

  • Women’s issues
  • Social justice 
  • Addiction 

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Therese Nguyen 

“Therese is a freelance writer for hire. A former Marketing Manager, she uses her previous experience and personal passion to craft content that is relevant, engaging, and on-brand. Writing articles, blogs, and copy, she specializes in covering entertainment, fashion/beauty, and travel. When she’s not working, you can find her binging historical documentaries on Netflix or jamming to the latest BTS album.”

Area of expertise:

  • Entertainment
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Travel 
  • Culture 

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Rachel Taliaferro – Agile Copywriter

“I am a seasoned and agile copywriter with demonstrated expertise in luxury and lifestyle content creation, branding, and communication strategy. I have written strategic, on-brief copy for e-commerce and tech start-ups, public relations agencies, non-profit organizations, publishers, small businesses, manufacturers, fashion labels, high-profile celebrity events, trade shows, and major international luxury brands. My diverse career experience has equipped me with nuanced insights that bring depth and authenticity to my work.”

Area of expertise:

  • The arts and art history 
  • Fashion labels 
  • General consumer goods 

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Jess Shanahan – Journalist & Content Strategist

“I am a journalist and content strategist covering business and automotive topics.

I’ve worked with business software firms, marketing agencies, motorsport teams, construction firms, service providers, and more. I’ve had bylines in The Guardian, Metro,, Forbes, Business Insider, and many more.”

Area of expertise:

  • Automotive industry
  • Consumer goods 

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Melissa Li – Content Writer

“With over five years of copywriting experience, I have worked with a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, small businesses, and tech start-ups. I’m an expert in crafting effective, results-oriented blogs, social media posts, product descriptions, video scripts, articles, search ads (SEM), email newsletters, and web pages optimized for SEO.

I never turn down a challenge and am passionate about trying new things. As a result, I am an eclectic copywriter well versed in many industries, such as travel, health and wellness, healthcare, technology, consumer electronics, and more. I’m always eager to learn, and there’s no stopping me once I’ve set my mind to something.

Telling stories that move people is at the heart of everything I do. I love using words to spark imagination, ignite curiosity, evoke emotion, and, most importantly, drive action. Whether you’re promoting a service, product, or idea, I can help you reach your target audience and connect with them in new, exciting ways.”

Area of expertise:

  • Travel and tourism 
  • Remote work 
  • Wellness and fitness
  • Consumer electronics 

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Barbie Carpenter – Content Writer

“I’m an experienced content writer skilled in developing engaging web copy, incorporating SEO keywords and brand voice while writing to the target audience. With 15 years of experience as a content writer, I have worked with a variety of small and large businesses, including many of the nation’s top 100 retailers. This experience has allowed me to flourish as a motivated business owner and self-starter who is capable of juggling multiple time-sensitive projects at once while pursuing new projects and engaging with current and potential clients.”

Area of expertise:

  • DIY projects 
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Consumer services and appliances 

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Stephanie Ariganello – Marketing & Communications Leader

“Strategic communicator with decades of on-the-ground experience as a reporter, copywriter, editor, strategist, social media specialist, science translator, and now a marketing and communications leader for a non-profit at a major university. I’ve not just weathered the storm of change in the communication world over the last 20 years, I’ve figured out how to enjoy the waves.

I specialize in science and environmental issues, food information, non-profit communications, and psychology/mental health issues.

While my experiences in the field have been great learning opportunities, I wanted to explore the theoretical and behavioral underpinnings of communication. So I went back to school and recently earned a Master’s degree in Communication as social science, with a specialization in public relations and organizational communication, at Wayne State University.

My personal philosophy is to continue to remain curious about this amazing world in which we live.”

Area of expertise:

  • Film and television
  • Fashion and home decor
  • How-to articles
  • Food and food service
  • Health and wellness
  • Nonprofits 

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