Freelance Writers: This Week’s Reading List

Freelance Writers: This Week’s Reading List

Freelance writers — we know you have a lot on your plate! We know you’ll be busy writing this week and pitching ideas to new companies on nDash – so we wanted to bring the latest news updates and freelance writing insights to you!

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Below you’ll find a few articles that you may find of interest, along with a quick takeaway for each, just to make your life a bit easier:

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Unlocking Content

“The written word still rules.” We shouldn’t be fearful of AI and machine learning; these technologies are actually going to help us get our content found.

P.S. if you want to utilize AI to help with content ideation, check out this AI-powered content brief we provide.

7 Myths You Have to Bust as a Freelance Writer

We especially love Myth #2: your writing is not worth what you charge for it. As mentioned above, it’s important that you value your writing expertise; if you’ve been writing for one industry for the past two years, and haven’t changed your rates, maybe it’s time!

30% of Freelance Writers Make Less than $10 Per Hour Their First Year, Survey Says

If you’re new to freelance writing, don’t give up hope! However, it’s also important that you’re not under-selling yourself. Make sure you price content according to your experience and expertise!

And lastly, here’s an awesome infographic you may want to check out (courtesy of


Facts about writers who earn $76-$100+ per hour


Happy writing!