Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert Home Improvement Writers for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert Home Improvement Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we feature top home improvement writers for any content marketing budget.

Joey Phillips freelance writer card

Joey Phillips: Freelance Writer For the Home Improvement and DIY Industries

Joey Phillips isn’t just a freelance writer; he’s a home improvement expert with over three decades of hands-on experience. Combining practical know-how with compelling storytelling, Joey stands out in the Home Improvement and Maintenance writing scene.

Freelance Writer Expertise in Action

  • Versatile skill set: Joey’s not just about words. He’s a seasoned DIY enthusiast, transforming drab to fab in furniture refurbishing and space rejuvenation.
  • Tech-savvy troubleshooter: Beyond hammers and nails, Joey’s also the tech whisperer for friends and family, solving software snags and hardware hurdles.
  • Rich history with Pritchard Enterprises: Joey spent 15 years in property maintenance and renovation, giving him stories to tell and advice to share.

Joey’s Toolbox of Talents

  • Plumbing repairs and installation
  • Floor and subfloor repairs
  • Painting, both interior and exterior
  • Window and door maintenance
  • Deck and porch construction
  • Carpet laying and tile work
  • Sheetrock installation and more

Joey’s writing doesn’t just inform; it resonates with authenticity, peppered with insights only decades of experience can provide. It doesn’t matter if it’s a detailed how-to guide or an insightful article doesn’t matter. Joey Phillips is a writer who knows his subject and brings it to life for his readers.

Check out Joey’s writing profile to learn more about how his home improvement expertise can help shape your content plans.

Stephen Davies freelance write card

Stephen Davies: Freelance Writer and Outreach Specialist

Stephen Davies is a versatile freelance writer with over a decade of experience in the home improvement and lifestyle industries. His expertise encompasses content creation, including blogs, product guides, and email newsletters. Stephen’s approach to writing is deeply rooted in understanding and engaging the target audience effectively.

Stephen Davies’ Experience: The Highlights

  • Content creation: Expert in crafting compelling content for various platforms, including blogs, product reviews, and guides.
  • Digital PR projects: Uses his strong network of influential bloggers to enhance the reach and impact of his content.
  • Targeted niches: Specializes in lifestyle categories like DIY, shopping, health, and technology.

Stephen is a Meticulous Freelance Writer

  • Explains product features and benefits: Clearly articulates products’ advantages and use cases.
  • Identifies target audience: Tailors content to specific groups, ensuring relevance and engagement.
  • Concludes with a Call-to-Action (CTA): He guides readers on the next steps, enhancing the content’s effectiveness.

Along with writing, Stephen offers SEO and keyword optimization consultancy services, using various tools to maximize content quality and reach. His experience also extends to:

  • SEO optimization: Advising clients on SEO strategies to enhance online visibility.
  • Blogger outreach: Connecting with top influencers in relevant industries for high-quality link building.

Stephen’s writing portfolio, featuring diverse articles for various clients, demonstrates his adaptable style and appeal to different audiences. His commitment to enhancing his clients’ online presence is evident through skilled writing and strategic online marketing tactics. This dedication makes him a valuable asset in content creation and digital marketing.

BryAna Arvie spotlight card

Bry’Ana Arvie: Conversion Copywriter + Content Strategist

Bry’Ana Arvie is a distinguished freelance writer focusing on home improvement. Her writing journey began in March 2018 and showcases a unique blend of technical know-how and creative talent. As a conversion copywriter, she excels in crafting persuasive content that engages and converts, a testament to her deep understanding of audience needs.

Key Accomplishments and Skills:

  • Conversion copywriting: Since 2018, Bry’Ana has specialized in creating compelling copy that drives significant conversions, leveraging in-depth research to resonate deeply with the target audience.
  • Content writing and strategy: Bry’Ana is known for producing high-quality, engaging content under tight deadlines. Her work features meticulous editing and a strong adherence to SEO and style guidelines, which enhances reader engagement and satisfaction.
  • Social media management: Demonstrated prowess in this area during her tenure at SmartKarrot (July 2021 – May 2023), where she achieved a remarkable 280% growth in LinkedIn followers by analyzing competitors and industry trends to align content with client goals.

Notable Skills and Achievements

  • Deep understanding of audience analysis and conversion strategies.
  • Proven track record in enhancing reader engagement and satisfaction.
  • Successful in growing social media presence and engagement.

Bry’Ana’s Journey as a Freelance Writer: Technology, Finance, and Home Improvement

Bry’Ana’s expertise spans various sectors, including eCommerce, marketing, and SaaS technology. She also focuses on finance, addressing both personal and business aspects. However, it is in the lifestyle domain, particularly home improvement, where her skills genuinely shine. Her content is engaging and informative, thanks to her ability to blend technical accuracy with creative storytelling. This approach effectively addresses both her audience’s practical needs and aspirations.

Visit Bry’Ana’s writing profile to learn more about how her background can help level up your content strategy.

Emily Stokes spotlight card

Emily Stokes: Home Improvement, Home Maintenance Freelance Writer

Emily Stokes is an accomplished freelance writer with a rich and diverse background, particularly notable in the home improvement industry. Her journey in writing is complemented by over a decade of experience in higher education. This background makes her a versatile and insightful contributor to various writing projects.

Educational Background and Teaching Experience

Emily’s journey began with a BA in English and art from Wellesley College and an MFA from Arizona State University. Her deep engagement with the arts and humanities has given her a unique perspective in her writing.

In higher education, Emily has held significant roles:

  • As a Resident Assistant Professor of Art at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, she has been imparting knowledge in drawing and printmaking.
  • Previously, she held positions as both an Associate Professor of Art and Gallery Director at Northwestern College in Iowa. She managed the campus gallery from August 2011 to May 2021 and taught various art courses.

Freelance Writer and Grant Writing

Emily’s freelance writing career, which began in 2018, spans various domains, including home improvement, real estate, SEO, education, and more. She has crafted blogs and website content rich in SEO, demonstrating her ability to engage with current digital marketing trends.

Her stint as a Grant Writer at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha spanned from August 2021 to May 2022. During this time, she showcased her ability to handle diverse subjects, from early childhood education to medical devices. This experience highlights her skill in research and writing grant applications, an essential aspect of academic and non-profit sectors.

Check out Emily’s freelance writer profile to see how her experience can help your editorial planning.

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