Factors to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Finance Writer

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Finance Writer

In finance, where truth and trust are prized, your website’s content impacts company success. Strong content is the key.

Producing material of this caliber requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry. A proficient freelance finance writer can help build your brand, improve credibility, and create deep connections with your audience through a solid grasp of finance and your target market.

Let’s explore the considerations when hiring a freelancer for your company.

Understanding Your Needs 

With about 90% of all organizations using content marketing, you must also utilize the strategy as part of your campaign to remain competitive. Web presence and search engine visibility are crucial for your business in today’s digital age.

Evaluate your finance content creation needs through the following:

  • Purpose of the content: do you want to increase the organic website traffic from Google or develop social media content that could go viral?
  • Target audience demographics: are you targeting real estate investors, retirees, baby boomers, millennials, or first-time consumers?
  • Scope of work: do you prefer newsletters, emails, conversational blog posts, or listicles as forms of content? What’s the volume of the work?

A clear understanding of your needs enables you to find a writer who’s in sync with your industry and capable of handling all related tasks.

Experience and Expertise

Before hiring finance writers, check for experience. Ascertain whether they possess a deep understanding of your specific industry within the finance sector or a wide-ranging knowledge base. A guru in your industry can provide a unique blend of expertise and insight essential for creating powerful and impactful content.

Many freelancers can write about general finance topics, but only experts specialize in niches like financial markets, economic analysis, commercial properties, luxury homes, or technical topics like company law. If you see potential talent, you could use a short course or Zoom meeting for those willing to learn.

Web presence is crucial, so the freelance finance writer must focus on generating content that appeals to human readers and satisfies search engine algorithms. Check the writer’s SEO and keyword research skills to ensure their material balances optimization and reader value.

Professionalism and Reliability 

Clear communication is essential for effective collaboration. Focus on finding a highly attentive freelancer who thoroughly comprehends the project’s specifications. According to recent research, well-informed employees are 77% more productive than their peers. Effective and timely communication promotes collaboration, keeping everyone in accord.

A professional writer would strive to establish a solid track record by consistently delivering work on time and demonstrating expertise. Exceptional time management skills showcase knowledge and understanding of the importance of your project. Therefore, the writer must meet deadlines consistently or communicate in advance with valid reasons when late.

For seamless content creation in the long run, the writer should be open to several rounds of revisions and constructive criticism.

Budget and Compensation

Understand the market rates for quality writing and how they fit into your budget. The goal isn’t getting finance writers with the cheapest service offers but investing in worthwhile content for long-term results and profitability. Furthermore, decide what percentage of your budget to allocate to content marketing; start with 10% to 29% of your budget, which is the percentage that more than a third of companies use.

Discuss and agree upon the terms and conditions of payment before hiring. Provide more information regarding the payment period (weekly, bi-weekly, or after a certain threshold) and methods, such as direct bank-to-bank transfers, PayPal, or checks. Clarify your preferred payment terms for the freelance finance writer’s services, whether partial payment upfront or full payment after work is delivered and reviewed by your editorial team.

The terms of engagement will establish a strong foundation, help build trust, and financially align all parties involved right from the beginning.

Portfolio & References

Peek into the writer’s previous projects for insight into their capability and what to expect once you start. Do the following:

  • Examine examples of the writer’s work relevant to your niche
  • Request more samples directly associated with their work; if they have a website, ask for a link
  • Review client testimonials from other websites where the writer is acknowledged as an author; client ratings and reviews about previous content work can provide valuable information about their performance
  • Evaluate past work on freelance platforms like nDash

Once satisfied with their capability, consider a trial project to test their knowledge of industry jargon and the business environment. Some writers may agree to do a free short test sample, while others may write it at a discounted rate. These arrangements allow you to evaluate the writer’s abilities directly and ascertain whether they align with your project needs.

Hire a Freelance Finance Writer Today!

Hiring the ideal writer is a wise investment for your website’s success. First, understand your needs, and then focus on writers with niche-industry expertise or a willingness to learn. Look for someone within your budget who’s professional and reliable. Once you get a shortlist of candidates, review their portfolios and references to ensure they align with your requirements.

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