Composable Digital Experience Trends in 2023 for Copywriters

Composable Digital Experience Trends in 2023 for Copywriters

“The web is our playground for Composable Digital Experience solutions. With hundreds of SaaS vendors providing specialized solutions, real composability will reduce costs and bring more choices for customers,” Himadri Chakrabarti, Global VP of Technology, Nishtech Inc.

Copywriters and the Composable Digital Experience

As a copywriter, you must stay aware of the trends in digital media. You may have noticed that in the digital age, things are moving faster than ever. Therefore, you have even less time to capture the audience’s attention and direct it where you want it to go.

Are you unaware of composable digital experience and how it changes how you conduct marketing? Now is the time to become familiar with a composable digital experience and emerging trends.

What is a Composable Digital Experience, and Why Should You Care?

You’ve likely noticed that being a copywriter is no longer just about writing a hook that captures a reader’s or viewer’s attention. You must consider how technology plays a part in bringing your prospect through the customer journey.

Do you have to create content for a company with multiple products or services? You’ve likely run into the challenge of marketing to several audiences or micro-audiences.

Consumers are now savvier and want to know how a product or service impacts them. They also need that content fast. Their busy lives mean you have less time to get their attention.

Embracing the “New Normal.”

The new normal is embracing how quickly information is moving and being made available. Worldwide data doubles every three years, with a whopping 30% of it being real-time information.

“The proliferation of digital channels has forced enterprises to redefine how they interact and engage with customers. Here composable digital experience platforms (DXPs) can bridge the gap,” Nav Thethi, Senior Manager, Web and Digital Experience at Hitachi Vantara.

One thing you can no longer rely on as a copywriter is a one size fits all approach. Therefore, a composable digital experience is your answer.

Consistency is Key

Composable technology is a way of providing consistency while catering to micro audiences. It’s a technology that combines personalized user experiences with consistent output.

According to Gartner, by 2023, companies that embrace composability in their approach will outpace their competition by 80%.

To be a more effective copywriter, you must adapt and incorporate composable strategies and technologies into your craft. Let’s look at how this will play out in the marketing world.

Which Trends Are Emerging in a Composable Digital Experience?

Composability plays a part throughout the entire customer journey.

Some of the ways composable technology makes marketing easier include:

  • It gives access to what customers need when they need it
  • Offers a wide range of content and data through a single interface
  • Automates processes once handled manually
  • Can publish or pull content on demand
  • It helps make information more accessible to decision-makers

This approach helps the right message get to the right people in a way that requires less effort from you, the content creator. 

How These Trends Affect You as a Copywriter

As recently as two years ago, only 45% of decision-makers viewed composable technology in a favorable light.

Now 70% of those decision-makers don’t want to be locked into outdated solutions that will slow down their productivity.

Your target audience wants solutions that are catered to them and will make their businesses easier to run.

Are you marketing to these high-level executives? Composable digital experience content could be a deal breaker in whether they decide to buy.

You may be thinking, “This is all well and good. But how do I, as a copywriter or marketing professional, put these concepts into practice?” 

How to Incorporate These Composable Digital Experience Trends 

Use technology that embraces a composable digital experience model. The technology you’re using to distribute content, emails, and funnels must have a composable approach. 

Can you use your current technology to serve micro-audiences quickly? If not, consider how you can upgrade your marketing tech to employ this approach. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Create content for micro-audiences. 
  • Review your current marketing campaigns 
  • Can you increase effectiveness by further segmenting and defining your audiences?

If you’re in the tech industry and selling B2B (business to business), consider if the products you’re advertising are composable solutions. Consider pivoting to market these types of solutions to your customers.

Final Thoughts on a Composable Digital Experience

Today’s tech market is moving faster than ever. Don’t lock yourself or your potential customers into old solutions that will slow down business. The time to move to composable digital experience technology is now.

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