Writer Spotlight: Kelly Vo

This weekKelly Vo for our Writer’s Spotlight Series, we’d like to introduce you to Kelly Vo, one of the most active and versatile freelance writers in the nDash.co platform. To date, her background includes creating a wide range of content on topics like marketing strategy, cloud technology, real estate sales, and more. Learn more about her below or hire her on the nDash platform.

nDash: If you could only write about one topic for the rest of your freelancing life, what would it be? And why?

Kelly Vo: I’d write about content marketing. It’s such a vast and complicated subject with so many different intricacies and pieces that it’s endlessly fascinating. Content marketing is also a subject that never gets old because it’s constantly being redefined and updated, which makes it a fun and interesting subject.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part about being a freelance writer? The most challenging?

A: I love the feeling of a job well done. When I complete a blog or article for a client, and I know I’ve produced something really great, it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s all on me, so when it goes well, I can really feel great about my work and my job.

As for the most challenging part, I would have to say consistency. Freelancing is great when you have a set group of clients who know your writing, are happy with your work, and consistently provide you with new jobs. Unfortunately, the only thing consistent about being a freelancer is a lack of consistency. Sometimes it seems like every day is something new and I never know if I’ll have the work I want or not.

Q: What do your most successful clients all have in common? 

A: Clear expectations. I’m not a mind reader—believe me, I wish I were. It’s so much easier on the client and me if we are all on the same page from the beginning. Then, I can write exactly what’s desired, and we all walk away happy.

Q: What made you decide to become a freelance writer?

A: I wanted to utilize my skill as a writer in the best way possible. My previous job at a social media firm didn’t let me fully delve into a career as a writer, so I knew that being a freelancer was my best chance.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you see brands making with their content?

A: Not enough variety. There’s something to be said for thinking outside of the box and breaking out of your comfort zone. Too often, I see brands sticking to such a narrow wheelhouse that they don’t open up their business for new opportunities and customers. It’s one thing to focus on your niche for SEO; it’s quite another thing to never look outside of what you’re used to.

Q: What marketing trends should brands be keeping an eye on in 2017?

A: I would say one of the top trends in interactive content. People don’t like being talked at. They’d rather have a conversation. So, content that sparks a conversation or uses interactive quizzes, polls, or contests is best. Another trend is “snap” content, and I’m not just talking about Snapchat. I’m talking about content that is short, quickly digestible, and then gone. It keeps people coming back for more.

Rapid Fire:

  • Favorite marketing buzzword? Content marketing
  • Watched any terrible movies lately? Batman Vs Superman
  • The world record you are most likely to break is ____? Books read in a day.
  • Are you cool with the Oxford comma? It’s a MUST! The Oxford comma ensures that your meaning is never confused.
  • What is a reasonable punishment for people who double-space after a sentence? They should have their thumbs chopped off. What!? It’s reasonable.

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