What’s New on nDash? Request Writers

What’s New on nDash? Request Writers

We always strive to match brands to the perfect fit for their content needs, but for brands with precise requirements, it can be a challenging hunt. You may need an editor with expertise in jazz, a content creator with knowledge of film copyright law, or an SEO expert with professional experience in HR. These writers exist on the platform (yes, really!), but how can you track them down? In this update, learn more about our latest feature —  how to request writers.

You have four options to find writers on nDash:

  1. You can start your search using Find Talent, where you can browse by keyword, vertical, content type, and more. Once you’ve identified a writer you’d like to work with, you can send a message, request an idea, or start a direct assignment.
  2. You can also start an Open Assignment if you have an idea of exactly the final product you’d like produced.
  3. You can contact our team to pull together a curated list of options.
  4. You can use our newest feature, Request Writers.

New Feature: Request Writers – What this means for brands

Brands can navigate to the Request button to send a call out for writers or content ideas.


Brands should consider the following tips for the best response:

  • Include any information related to the writer’s experience, expertise, rates, or availability. For example: “We’re looking for writers with cybersecurity experience for blogs in the $200 to $300 range.”
  • If you require relevant samples, include a call to link to them.
  • If you have any guidance for writers to assist them in pitching your brand, include that as well.

What this means for writers:

Writers can reply to requests by sending either a content idea or an application.

Send a pitch

In the application, you can let the brand know about your experience, expertise, and info that will help them gauge your fit. Pay attention to the requirements outlined in the Writer Request⁠—many brands ask for relevant samples to ensure the right match, and not including them could eliminate you from contention.

For more information, reference this help topic for brands or this help topic for writers.