What's New on nDash? Word Count & Tracked Changes

What’s New? Word Count & Tracked Changes

When nDash asks for feedback from brands and writers, we use that feedback to improve the platform. This week we launched two oft-requested features: assignment word count and tracked changes!

First up, we no longer have our former character count feature. While counting characters is great for Tweets, it is not especially helpful for whitepapers, articles, blog posts, and the list goes on. You’ll now find a live word counter just above the Save button in the assignment view. It’s how I know this is the 83 words in this blog post!

Here’s an example of what that looks like when you log into your nDash freelance writer dashboard:

word count

Our second new feature gives brands and writers the ability to track changes within the assignment editor. To view, accept, or reject changes, press the button on the right side of the toolbar that looks like a document:

track changes

As edits are made, they’ll be highlighted in red (deletions) or yellow (additions).  Once tracking is enabled, the second line of buttons will appear on the toolbar. Here you’ll find accept and reject buttons for individual changes and accept and reject buttons for all changes collectively.

track changes

Thank you for reading out our latest features — word count and track changes. Are there any other feature requests for us? Shoot us a message, and we’ll get to work!