Wednesday Writer Roundup: Fitness, Blockchain and More

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Medical, B2B & More

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Wednesday Writer Roundup: A Former Veterinary Technician, A Medical Writer, An Environmentally-Focused Business Expert, and A B2B/B2C SEO Pro

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Lia Aprile

Lia Aprile

Hi. I’m Lia.

As a writer, I work with leaders in the healthcare, medical and wellness fields, to help them turn deep knowledge into accessible content with heart.

I’ve created media and marketing materials for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, written blogs for yoga publications and practitioners, and scripted videos for healthcare giants and small scrappy start-ups.

I work with clients from the ground up researching and interviewing experts to assemble a narrative with an emotional center. Whether it’s a training video, blog post, or in-house marketing materials, my job is the same: to help clients clarify and communicate their mission through compelling copy that increases impact.

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Sarah Dittmeier

Sarah Dittmeier

Hey there! I’m Sarah and I’m a copywriter for environmentally focused businesses. I specialize in blogs, emails, and website copy. Finding my way into copywriting involved combining two of my passions: writing and wildlife. After coming from a writing-heavy background, getting my BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and I use my slight “outsider” perspective in my work to write copy that actually speaks to people where they’re at and in terms they can understand.

I’ve worked with nonprofits, sustainable travel companies, and eco-friendly jewelry companies. My goal is to flip the script on sustainable action and make it something that uplifts people, instead of depressing them. Connect with me on Instagram!

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Lilian Muliti

Lilian Muliti

Hi, my name is Lilian Muliti. I help brands create quality content that gets ranked. I specialize in creating marketing copy and content strategies for B2B and B2C companies. My main niches are technology, business, health and wellness, and law.

As a ghostwriter, I’ve spent the past few years working with purpose-driven companies to help them accelerate their marketing success through digital content. I create SEO-optimized copies that help businesses attract their ideal audience and convert them into loyal customers.

As far as content goes, I write blogs, articles, website copies, whitepapers, newsletters, and social media posts. I also gained editing and digital marketing skills while working at Writers Horizon.

I love what I do and care about the brands I work with. Check out some of my work here or connect with me on LinkedIn. Interested in working together? Please review my nDash profile. I’ll be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Jessica Desrosiers

Jessica Desrosiers

With over 18 years of experience in the pet industry, I bring a “pawsitive” spin to writing! I started out as a certified dog trainer. Then, I went on to work as a veterinary technician and animal shelter behavior volunteer. I did that while completing my Animal Sciences degree. Now, I spend my time writing about pet-related topics and helping pets and their parents, including publishing two dog training books. I thoroughly enjoy editing challenges. That includes blog articles social media campaigns, product descriptions, and more, if it needs editing, I’d love to take a look! You can also check out some samples of my work, and see what I’m up to in the pet world by visiting my website.

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