Wednesday Writer Roundup: experts across many industries!

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet 3 New Experts!

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Wednesday Writer Roundup: Experts in Environmental Science, Mental Health, and Food & Drink

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Rachel McKimmy

Rachel McKimmy

Hi, my name is Rachel McKimmy. I’m a science writer with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan. My areas of expertise include environmental and public health, environmental sciences, and social aspects of the environment, such as environmental justice and politics. I’ve won a Hopwood Award in Nonfiction writing for my creative nonfiction writing. And I’ve studied anthropogenic climate change at the University of Oxford. One project that was particularly rewarding to work on is a journalistic article called “Pandemic Plate.” It discusses the impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous food systems. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Pamela Ullmann

Pamela Ullman

Hi! I’m Pamela, and although I love my work in the mental health field, my true passion is making things happen and solving problems. I do this by using my creative skills and talents. Writing is an art form that can convey emotions, ideas, and stories in ways nothing else can. Although I love to paint and draw, writing enables me to communicate with precision and insight. I love using a palette full of words! I have written two eBooks (so far), multiple blogs, and published professional articles. Topics of great passion and expertise are mindfulness, wellness, psychology, and spirituality. I am familiar with SEO having several websites of my own. Please review my nDash profile and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Wednesday Writer Roundup: Meet Chris Queen

Chris Queen

At sixteen, I got a job washing dishes in a restaurant and fell in love with food and drink – since then, I’ve learned as much as I can about the industry; I’ve been a chef and a sommelier, a coffee roaster and a craft beer brewer. Communicating that passion and seeing the light go on in someone else’s eyes is one of the great joys of life. I’ve written marketing copy for brewers, distillers, coffee roasters, and a luxury water brand – brand identities for small indies and training manuals for multinationals.

My other passion is music – the stranger the better – and I have a regular byline in a couple of arts and culture magazines, as well as a radio show where I inflict my terrible music taste on an unsuspecting audience.

I’ve recently been nominated for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Writing Prize for a piece I wrote for their anthology.

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