ndash new feature invite your own freelance writers

New Feature: Invite Your Own Freelance Writers

Let’s say your business has landed some ideal freelance writers.

They’re a perfect fit. They understand your company and your audience and consistently write content that moves the needle. They also laugh at all your jokes and notice when you’ve lost a couple of pounds (yes, even over Zoom calls).

There’s only one problem: they don’t always have the bandwidth to take on new projects.

It could be that they “moonlight” and don’t have much time to write because of their full-time job. Or maybe they’re so great that the other brands they work with are (temporarily) monopolizing their time.

This is a pretty common use case for new brands on nDash. It’s why so many turn to us to build out their freelance writing team to meet any type of volume requirements.

Until recently, however, those pre-existing freelance relationships remained outside of the nDash platform/experience. Not anymore!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new feature on nDash: the ability to add your own freelance writers. 

Three Steps to Simplify Managing Freelance Writers

We’ve been excited about this feature for a while, so we’ve decided to launch it in beta to get it out as fast as possible.

We’re still finalizing the workflow. But if you want to start managing your external freelancers through nDash today, there are three simple steps to get started:

  1. Email ([email protected]) or message our support team with the names and emails of the writers you’d like added to your account.
  2. Our team will get them added with special permissions and help them set up their payments via Stripe.
  3. From there, simply send them assignments the same way you would with other members of your content community.

Pretty simple, right?

But you may be wondering why you’d bother doing any of this. We’ve got a few reasons that this feature can make your life easier and cut some of your costs.

Better Organization

Software should make your life easier, not give you more headaches. When you have some projects in progress through nDash and others, spread across emails, spreadsheets, and Google Docs, things can get confusing pretty quickly.

Inviting your own freelance writers to your nDash group centralizes management on one platform. You get one dashboard to manage all of your ongoing writing projects.

Streamlined Admin and Tax Reporting

Contracts, invoices, ACH transfers, 1099 forms. These have all been necessary evils for marketers looking to hire freelance writers.

One of our main goals has been to eliminate all of those administrative activities. We take care of the tax reporting and administrative processes for you, consolidating them into a single vendor to save time for your finance and HR teams.

Lower Fees

The purpose of this feature is to help you organize your content team and make it thrive—not to make tons of cash. This new feature cuts our assignment fee down so that most of the money goes straight to our payment provider.

Instead of paying the usual assignment fee through the platform, working with existing freelancers only has a 5% charge. That means that when you send an assignment for $100, the writer receives $95. Hopefully, the time and money you save by improving the organization and eliminating admin processes more than makes up for the small fee.

Ready to add your freelance writers to nDash and make managing them much easier? Email our support team ([email protected]) or message us by logging into the platform.