New: Consolidated Assignments Tab

New: Consolidated Assignments Tab

How do you like to organize your content production efforts? Is it by using lists, boards, or calendars? Or perhaps a combination of those options? Do you wish you could see everything in a consolidated assignments tab? Wish granted!

We’re all about flexibility here at nDash, so as part of our latest release, we combined the assignment lists, Kanban, and calendar into one consolidated view. The goal here was to give marketers and agencies a faster, more convenient way to manage content tasks within the nDash platform.

Within the assignments tab, you’ll now see these options tabbed at the top of the screen:

consolidated assignments tab

A closer look…

list tab

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Coming Soon to nDash

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll also be releasing a ton of new features and optimizations, including:

  • Pre-Funding: While on-demand payments are great for most, there are many companies with finance departments that appreciate a more predictable spending pattern. For this reason, brands on nDash will soon have the option to pre-fund their accounts and draw down from their balance.
  • Additional Roles: On the surface, it would appear that nDash is only being used for writing projects. But behind the scenes, we’re doing a ton of work in graphic design, SEO, strategy, project management, and other marketing-related tasks. We’ll soon be bringing these roles (and people) to the forefront so that brands can tap our expanded community of freelance professionals.
  • nDash Inbox: Today, messages exist on assignments, ideas, and direct conversations with writers. They can be hard to access if you don’t know where to look. We’ll soon be launching an “nDash inbox” of sorts to make it incredibly easy to see who has messaged you and where to respond.
  • Client View: Want to share your nDash projects with a client but don’t want to share too much information (like prices). We’ll soon have a “Client Mode” option that’ll hide sensitive info when sharing nDash projects and progress with your clients.

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