Introducing Freelance Writer Lia Stoll

Introducing Freelance Writer Lia Stoll

You can find a host of subject matter experts on nDash. We’ve taken the guesswork out by creating topic communities and connecting writers with the highest level of expertise to them. That way, your content is crisp and to the point without condescension. Take our first writer for November, Lia Stoll, a subject matter expert for disability. She’s a writer and content creator focusing on work promoting awareness for disabilities and social responsibility. With over fifteen years of experience in the non-profit sector, Lia is ready to help your business solve its content creation challenges and create followers for life.

Continue reading to learn more about her unique perspective on freelance writing:

nDash: Thank you for joining us, Lia Stoll. Could you start by describing what excites you about freelancing?

Lia Stoll: I love the feeling of new opportunities that come when learning about the people behind the businesses that support people with disabilities. And knowing I  can help make a difference in the world for people with disabilities.  Of course, freelancing also gives me the opportunity to create a schedule that works for me so I can manage the variety and scope of work.

nDash: What subject areas are you passionate about?

Lia: My passion is creating content promoting disability and social responsibility awareness. I split my time between managing my blog and contributing freelance articles and blog posts for guide dog schools for the blind, so writing about service dogs is another passion of mine.

nDash: What’s your best piece of advice for new freelancers?

Lia: Many freelance writers, including myself, focus on trying to influence and reach hundreds of people. So, how do you influence hundreds of people with your writing?

You don’t.

When writing, try to focus on that one person who follows you and talk to that person like you care. Use empathy. Take care of that one person, and the numbers will take care of themselves.

nDash: What sets you apart from other writers?

Lia: My background is in the nonprofit sector. I’m co-founder of Lara Guide Dog School for the Blind, that’s 18+ years of hands-on role experience in the nonprofit sector, where I honed my skills in everything from fundraising and educational and consulting programs to event management, volunteer development, governance, and leadership.

nDash: What’s your favorite weekend activity in your area?

Lia: Disc dogging with my dog, Max, and hiking with my family. Oh, and books. I love reading books.

nDash: Where do you go to read up on the latest freelancing/writing trends?

Lia: LinkedIn, Write to Done, Enchanting Marketing, Psychotactics, and Smart Blogger.

nDash: How did you get into freelance writing?

Lia: It began with marketing material for our guide dog school and stories of our blind clients. It seemed natural to take it a step further and start my freelance blogging business.

nDash: What makes a great client? 

Lia: I find empathy, respect, and good communication skills are the backbone of a successful working relationship.

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