nDash HubSpot Connect Partner

nDash Becomes an Official HubSpot Connect Partner

What a month it’s been! A few weeks back (at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference), we announced the launch of nDash for Internal Teams, which opened up our platform to brands that manage most of their content internally. Today we’re excited to make yet another HubSpot-related announcement: nDash is now an official HubSpot Connect partner.

You can check out our listing here.

Semi-related to this announcement is the launch of our new Campaigns feature, which enables marketers to create, assign and monitor content projects on a campaign level. More on this in a minute, but first, back to the HubSpot news.

From the start, nDash has always played well in the HubSpot ecosystem. First as an agency and now as a platform. That’s because the HubSpot solution — and inbound marketing as a methodology — cannot be effective without a steady stream of original content. HubSpot provides all the tools and insights a brand needs to achieve success. nDash provides the writing talent.

With this integration, brands can use nDash to manage the content creation process — whether that’s with freelancers or internal staff — and when ready, that content can be pushed to the HubSpot CMS, perfectly formatted and ready for publishing.

If you’re a current HubSpot user and haven’t created an nDash account yet, we’re offering 99% off our Pro Plan for the first three months, along with a $100 credit toward your first piece of content.

You can create a company account here.


The other piece of news we’re excited to share is the launch of Campaigns. In the past, companies on nDash could only create assignments individually, even if they were part of a larger campaign. Today, you now have the option to create a campaign, which, as mentioned, is a series of deliverables all related to a particular theme, topic, audience, or initiative. Here’s how it works:

When you click the “Create Assignment” button in the dashboard header, you’ll now be prompted with the following split-screen option:

nDash HubSpot Connect Partner

By selecting Campaign, you’re creating a series of deliverables all tied to that campaign. If you have a more comprehensive campaign brief, you can also add that link in the field below.

nDash HubSpot Connect Partner

Once created, you’ll then see all of the deliverables saved in the “Un-assigned” section of your Assignments dashboard:

Assignments list

From there, you can go into each individual assignment and route it to the appropriate person, whether they’re a co-worker or a freelancer who’s part of your Content Community. And lastly, use the Campaigns tab to keep track of multiple campaigns and their progress.

nDash HubSpot Connect Campaign

Next Steps

If you have any questions about our HubSpot partnership or the Campaign functionality, please let us know. Otherwise, head to your dashboard to get started (or create your company account using the coupon code “HubSpot” to get the Pro Plan for 3 months at a 99% discount).