nDash Helps Orange Marketing Meet Its Ever-Changing Client Content Needs

nDash Helps Orange Marketing Meet Ever-Changing Client Needs

How does an agency consistently and rapidly deliver high-quality content for clients in radically different businesses and industries? Orange Marketing, a HubSpot Diamond Agency Partner,  works with nDash to overcome this challenge. 

Changing Needs Make High-Quality Content Production Daunting

With a focus on helping B2B SaaS startups and established tech companies with sales and marketing implementation efforts, Orange Marketing must regularly deliver quality content to a wide variety of clients. “We believe in the inbound philosophy; we focus on creating the kind of thought leadership content our clients’ audiences will want to read,” explained Monica Caraway, Content Lead at Orange Marketing. “We hate fluff — we want content with insight and a unique perspective that provides value.”

But with a continually-shifting roster of clients due to Orange Marketing’s implementation focus and a small team, Orange Marketing needs a content solution capable of scaling to meet the agency’s uneven demand needs. “Our clients’ subject matter experts are often too busy to provide the interviews we’d need to generate premium white papers and ebooks. And trying to work with writers who aren’t well-versed in a particular industry can be more trouble than it’s worth — it takes too much time to edit and get the material into a useable format,” she said.

“A Larger Stable of Qualified Writers”

When I search nDash for a writer, the sheer number of people I can choose from is fantastic.

Orange Marketing tried five content platforms before shifting the majority of its outsourced content tasks to nDash. “As a small team, we don’t have the luxury of spending time searching for and vetting writers. Our clients work in very different industries, so we must constantly source writers for specific niches,” Monica explained. “I’ve worked with many other content providers and found they all have highly variable degrees of writing talent. nDash is different. More than any other platform I’ve tried, nDash has a large stable of qualified writers with experience in a cross-section of industries.”

She continued, “When I search nDash for a writer, the sheer number of people I can choose from is fantastic. Unlike other platforms, where I sifted through writers with questionable skill levels and experience to find someone who might work, on nDash, it’s easy for me to find a solid writer on a particular topic.”

Responsiveness and Flexibility

Monica and the Orange Marketing team also appreciate nDash’s responsiveness. “I find the nDash team to be responsive in helping me find just the right writer with the expertise I need on a given project. And even if nDash doesn’t have a writer for a specific niche, they’re responsive. They don’t ignore me; they take my concerns seriously, which is important,” she said.

Pricing and billing are other areas where nDash excels. “Our needs dramatically fluctuate — for example, a recent month was heavy for us, with 18 pieces of content in progress, but the two months prior weren’t. We aren’t comfortable being locked into a contract where we’re forced to plan and pay for an ongoing commitment — we need a flexible content partner. nDash fits the bill,” Monica said.

Decreased Workload Provides Welcome Relief

Overall, nDash has streamlined client content creation at Orange Marketing, allowing Monica and the team to focus on other crucial tasks. “The nature of our work means that we have a “bundle” of content we need to organize for each client, and being able to hand that off to nDash’s writers quickly has helped immensely,” she said.

“It significantly cuts down on my workload every week. The high quality of writing that nDash delivers has reduced the time we need to spend editing, revising, and project managing by at least 20%,” Monica concluded.

What Can You Learn from Orange Marketing?

The main takeaway from Orange Marketing’s experience is that nDash is a content platform capable of providing high-quality writers in virtually any niche. Organizations with ever-changing content needs can count on nDash to provide expert writers without sacrificing flexibility or scalability.

About Orange Marketing, Inc.

Orange Marketing specializes in sales, marketing, and services implementation for B2B software and technology companies with a unique focus on start-ups. Founded in 2018, Orange Marketing is a fully remote team with colleagues throughout the United States and partner relationships worldwide. Orange Marketing’s headquarters are in California and holds more than 120 HubSpot Certifications and over 65 five-star reviews in the HubSpot Partner Directory. For more information, visit Orange Marketing.