Introducing Freelance Veronica Sparks

Introducing Freelance Veronica Sparks

Milwaukee-based freelance writer Veronica Sparks recently joined nDash, and we took a moment to chat about her background! She has experience writing technology, business, real estate, travel, and home goods content. She’s also able to tackle educational content: how-tos, training materials, curriculum, and standard operating procedures. Read on to get to know Veronica:

What excites you about freelancing?

The most exciting thing to me about freelancing is the opportunity to dive into something new and exciting every day. I love the variety and the challenge of every individual project. I’m a lifelong learner, so I just love researching new topics and formulating original perspectives on them.

What subject areas are you passionate about?

I’m incredibly passionate about subjects that encourage growth in readers. Whether it’s personal finance, career growth, or wellness and nutrition, topics that create positive results are so inspiring to me. My favorite overall topic, though, is gardening and homesteading. I love learning and writing about new ways to be self-sufficient.

What’s your best piece of advice for new freelancers?

Set aside time for writing and honing your craft, even when you have no paid projects. It’s time-consuming, and it feels overwhelming at first, but don’t give up! Your voice needs to be heard, and your talents are precious to the content world.

What sets you apart from other writers?

I would have to say my sickening love of reading. Stephen King said, “if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.” Writers absolutely need to excel at research, which means they need to be able to quickly and efficiently find the information they need to create excellent content. Making quick work of research saves clients time and money, and if you don’t read recreationally on a regular basis, your research “tools” won’t be as sharp.

What’s your favorite weekend activity in your area?

Camping… in any season! I love hiking, kayaking, and “roughing” it for the weekend in the gorgeous state parks of Wisconsin. I get a lot of creative inspiration out in the wilderness too, and it’s not even horror movie-inspired (at least not every time).

Where do you go to read up on the latest freelancing/writing trends?

I’m a member of several copywriting, creative writing, and freelance writing groups on social media, and I follow many successful freelancers like Jon Morrow and Jacob McMillen.

Favorite writer to follow on Twitter or LinkedIn?

Alina Bradford is a super approachable but successful writer with a ton of great tips and advice for freelancers.

How did you get into freelance writing?

I started writing professionally by joining a writing team for non-profit organizations that needed materials like church Sunday school curriculum as well as self-help materials and discussion topics.

What makes a great client?

My favorite clients know what they want to get out of the content I create, and they aren’t afraid to tell me what they want to be changed on a draft. Communication is the key to our relationship!

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