Meet Freelance Writer Jamie Fallon

Meet Freelance Writer Jamie Fallon

Jamie Fallon is an SEO content manager, writer, and strategizer from Bristol, UK. He prides himself in turning readers into subscribers, customers, clients, converts, and members. His areas of expertise include personal injury law, divorce and family law, B2B, B2C, real estate, and health.

Read on for a short interview with him:

nDash: What excites you about freelancing?

Jamie Fallon: Freelancing is exciting because you never know what you’ll be working on next. If you’re open to new clients and new ideas, you can learn a lot about things you’ve never even thought of before. It’s also fun to try and generate interesting, engaging content from a relatively dry or technical topic.

Other than that, it’s always fun to see where things take you in life.

nDash: What subject areas are you passionate about?

Jamie: My favorite topic to cover is probably tech. There’s always something new to write about, and even if it wasn’t my job, I’d enjoy keeping up and staying informed. That being said, I also have a lot of experience in pets, health, and law.

nDash: What’s your best piece of advice for new freelancers?

Jamie: Don’t sell yourself short. I know a few freelancers who still do the same work for the same return as they did back then, even though they’ve gained years of experience and insight. Cheaper content will always have its place, of course, particularly for bulk jobs and for more general topics—but you shouldn’t be afraid to position yourself at an appropriate price level.

nDash: What sets you apart from other writers?

Jamie: I learned client communication the hard way. Being a freelance writer demands a different skill set to client management, which it took me a while to realize, at the cost of lots of stress, income and hair! I’ve come to realize that a thorough discovery process, prompt communication, expectation management, and a friendly/helpful attitude are just as important as producing good content.

nDash: What’s your favorite weekend activity in your area?

Jamie: I live next to a huge park. It’s perfect for sunbathing, birdwatching, picnics, walks, football, or anything else you might want to do on a chilled-out weekend. Whatever I do, it’s nice to get away from screens for the day.

nDash: Where do you go to read up on the latest freelancing/writing trends?

Jamie: There are lots of great subreddits specifically for freelance writers, but also freelancers and SEOs more broadly. /r/FreelanceWriters is good. But I don’t want to give away all my secrets!

nDash: How did you get into freelance writing?

Jamie: I was studying for a Master’s degree, which took up a lot of my time. Freelancing was a natural extension of being in front of my computer 24/7 and needing something a little different to write about than my thesis. Over time, I got more clients than I could handle on a part-time basis, so I started freelance writing and SEO as a full-time job.

nDash: What makes a great client?

Jamie: In a few words, good clients are open and honest communicators. I don’t mind accommodating all sorts of requests so long as I’m asked first! Similarly, if there’s a problem with the content I send over, I’m always happy to make edits—particularly if there’s constructive feedback on how I can make things right. Open two-way communication is the only way to build that kind of healthy relationship with a client.

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