What's New on nDash? Increase Price & Sort by Date

What’s New on nDash? Increase Price & Sort by Date

Sometimes the scope of work changes mid-assignment. Maybe the goal of the assignment shifts, or the depth of information to cover changes. Either way, brands have been asking for a way to increase pay to writers — and we delivered! Now users can find an INCREASE PRICE button just above the total price in the Assignment Details pane of in-progress assignments.

For Marketers: What Does That Look Like?

Here’s an example of what the “increase price” button looks like:

increase price

After Clicking the Increase Price Button

What happens after you click the “increase price” button? Great question! A new menu will pop up that shows your price (“Group Price”) and the amount going to the writer after fees (“Writer Price”).

increase price

Do You Need to Lower the Price?

As a reminder, brands can lower per-assignment fees by upgrading to Pro.

For Writers: Sort by Date

And don’t worry, we didn’t leave writers out of this round of updates! Writers can now sort in-progress assignments by either due date or recent activity. Want to see assignments recently commented on? Select “Recent Activity”. Want to see which are approaching the deadline? Select “Due Date”.


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