How Monster Empowered Its Global Sales Team with nDash

How Monster Empowered Its Global Sales Team

How do you ensure your global sales force has the training necessary to succeed when you don’t speak their language? This problem was plaguing Randstad subsidiary Monster, an international employment website. For 25 years, Monster has been a global leader in connecting people and jobs, transforming how companies and candidates find the right fit. With offices in 15 locations worldwide, Monster’s global sales force has been a crucial part of the company’s continued success. But providing its sales team with training materials in their native languages was challenging.

“To help empower our global sales team, it was imperative that we provide them with the information and training they needed, localized in a language they were comfortable in,” said Michelle Kupjian, Monster’s Senior Global Sales Enablement Program Manager. “Everything from PowerPoint decks to video scripts, Word documents, and even quizzes needed to be accurately translated, so our sales team had the tools they need to succeed.”




Machine Learning Translations Fell Short

Like many businesses, Monster initially turned to a machine learning translation app to handle the company’s translation needs. And according to Michelle, they quickly found its limitations. “In some cases, machine learning was fine—for example, it was good enough for something like creating a minor product update. But in other situations, machine translations fell short. When it came to our sales training materials, we knew we had to feel confident that the translation captured and conveyed the true essence of the information. We recognized that a faulty translation could have ramifications on our organization, our processes, and eventually our revenue.”

A Partner Providing Immediate Value

Having joined the sales enablement team from Monster’s marketing department recently, Michelle had many priorities on her plate. She quickly realized that she needed to partner with a company capable of providing accurate, cost-effective translation and localization services—one that could hit the ground running and provide immediate value. Following a recommendation from a trusted colleague, Michelle engaged nDash to complete freelance translators for “a ton” of sales training material in three different languages: French, Italian, and German.

“I felt like nDash was holding my hand when we worked together,” Michelle said. “They knew who I was and what I needed, and the questions they asked showed they were listening. More accurate than machine learning translation tools and more cost-effective than other human translation services, nDash provided a stellar level of customer service on every piece they delivered. No matter what I threw at them, they caught the ball and ran with it every time.”

“Ridiculously Responsive”

Michelle gives credit to nDash’s fast turnaround times regarding her ability to provide her sales teams with the training materials they needed to succeed. In addition, she says that nDash’s customer service consistently went above and beyond. “Like other busy managers, there were times I was working on the weekend and would send an email to nDash simply to get it out of my head—completely not expecting to hear back on my question or comment until the workweek. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a response to my email a few moments later—on a Saturday night! nDash is ridiculously responsive, something I wasn’t expecting but felt very grateful for.”

Sales Reps Are More Effective

Translation services provided by nDash freelancers have made a significant impact on Monster’s sales teams. “I always knew that when I tasked nDash’s freelancers with a project, I could count on it to be done well and delivered on time,” Michelle said. “And our sales teams agree. The feedback we’ve received from our global sales offices is that nDash’s translated content is much appreciated. It has definitely helped them absorb the content more easily, complete their training more quickly—meaning that they can be more effective in their outreach.”

What Can You Learn from Monster?

The primary best practice lesson from how Monster worked with nDash freelancers is finding the correct balance between cost and quality regarding translation services. Ensuring that your target audience can completely understand your product or service offerings—whether it’s your global sales team or your customer prospects—is imperative to your success. Machine learning translations may work for small projects, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re a suitable translation solution for complex or nuanced topics. When accuracy and confidence matter, freelance translators are the smart choice.


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