Hire a Legal Writer: Meet 8 Experts

Hire a Legal Writer: Meet 8 Experts

Are you a law firm that needs a great copywriter? Writing to potential legal clients? Perhaps lawyers are your target audience? Whatever the case may be, we’ve pulled together a list of the best freelance writers just for you. That way, you find the legal writer that’s right for your project.

Below, you’ll find writers who have written about this industry for years some of which are current attorneys.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then please drop us a line. We’re always happy to help you build your writing team! 

Ben Rand – Communication Expert for Law Firms 

Currently oversees external communications programs and activities, including media relations, public relations, and community relations, for a nationally recognized law firm. 

“Marketing communications writer, strategist, and leader who views the world through the eyes of a storyteller. Stories matter and give meaning to our lives. They are the backbone of making communication a powerful force in our lives. I believe that as marketers and communications, we have a unique opportunity to help our organizations tell stories – in writing, through video, through pictures and sound.”

Area of expertise:

  • Government contracting 
  • Defense & space 
  • Legal services
  • Higher education 

Hire Ben today. 

Paul Dughi – Journalist & Emmy-Award Winning Writer 

“I am a 20+ year journalist and Emmy Award-winning writer/producer. I have written literally thousands of news articles for major publications. My writing is crisp, concise, and factually accurate. I am an expert at SEO and keywords, and I hold certifications from Google, Moz, Facebook, the Local Marketing Association, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. In addition, I have an MBA in Business Administration”

Area of expertise:

  • Insurance 
  • Lawsuits 
  • Legal services
  • Personal injury & liability 

Hire Paul today. 

Lee Hall – Law at the Intersection of Sustainability, Finance, and Culture

Was previously an Adjunct Law Faculty at Rutgers University. Lee was also the VP of Legal Affairs at Friends of Animals and an Attorney for Immigration Law. She currently holds her Master of Law, specializing in Environmental Law, from the University of Vermont. 

Area of expertise: 

  • Real estate, deeds, and wills
  • Fintech
  • Privacy law
  • Law and medicine
  • Environmental law 
  • Immigration law
  • Legal education
  • City politics and policies
  • Nonprofit boards

Hire Lee today. 

Alyssa McMurtry – Spain Correspondent & Journalist 

“I’m a freelance journalist based in Northern Spain. As a foreign correspondent, I have covered a wide range of Spanish news. That includes the Catalan independence crisis, politics, and elections. It also includes interesting cultural and historical issues for media including CBC (Canada), RTE (Ireland), and the Anadolu Agency (Turkey). I also interned at El Pais English, translating one of Spain’s leading newspapers’ most internationally relevant articles into English. 

I also am the editorial director at a small publishing house. It writes country-focused advertorials for media such as the Guardian, China’s Economic Observer, Die Welt, Foreign Policy and The Telegraph. These reports tell the stories of emerging and developed countries and the opportunities they present for FDI. Sectors covered in these reports may deal with business, finance, politics, infrastructure, innovation, or tourism. 

 I graduated from Carleton University, often regarded as having Canada’s top journalism program, with honors and a double major in journalism and history. I have also obtained a master’s degree in translation from Spanish into English with Menendez Pelayo International University.”

Area of expertise:

  • Government relations
  • International affairs 
  • International trade & development 

Hire Alyssa today. 

Joel Greene – Freelance Legal Content Writer 

“I am a freelance legal content writer specializing in business law and commercial real estate. I am also a practicing attorney with years of experience in, you guessed it, business law and commercial real estate. In addition, I have experience litigating commercial disputes, including conducting legal research across a range of legal topics. 

I know that attorneys and legal resource companies are providing more and more legal content online to reach potential clients and customers.  I also understand how hard it is to continually write valuable, engaging legal content on top of all your other business obligations.”

Area of expertise:

  • Business & corporate law 
  • Commercial real estate 
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Legal services

Hire Joel today.

Sam Dorman – Current Reporter 

“I am a writer with several years experience creating a wide variety of content (special reports, media analysis, breaking news, news articles, blog posts, op-eds, profile feature, interviews). Most of my work has focused on politics and policy, but I am interested in other types of writing as well. Because of my experience writing on so many different topics, I am able to adapt fairly quickly to whatever clients need.”

Area of expertise:

  • International affairs
  • Defense & space 
  • Public policy
  • Immigration 

Hire Sam today. 

Christine Funk – Attorney & Writer 

“Early in my legal career, I was required to handle a case involving forensic science. I enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill. 

Since then, I have been fortunate to handle a number of different types of forensic science in criminal cases. I excel at communicating complex scientific concepts in lay terms. I’ve been fortunate enough to train lawyers, judges, and law enforcement on three continents in various forensic science disciplines. Also, I enjoy litigation, from the planning stages through closing arguments. 

I’m continuously seeking new challenges through my consulting business. I have several publications in the area of forensic science and the law. I am expanding my horizons, blogging for lawyers and writing content tailored to individual clients’ needs.”

Area of expertise:

  • Criminal law
  • Labor law
  • Civil law
  • Employment law
  • Family law 

Hire Christine today. 

Julia Passwater – Legal Investigator 

“I’m a freelance content producer and strategist based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I specialize in producing expert online content about human resources, labor, employee engagement, diversity, civil rights, employment law, government, politics, and other related topics for clients from various industries.

Prior to working in the field of content production and strategy, I earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and English from Indiana University Bloomington and a Juris Doctor degree from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. After earning my law degree, I enforced federal employment laws for the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for over a decade.

As a federal investigator, I used alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to resolve employer violations of federal law outside of court, and I have completed mediation training recognized by the State of Indiana.”

Area of expertise:

  • Political organizations 
  • Employer law 
  • Government investigations 

Hire Julia today.

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