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Hire a Health and Wellness Writer: Meet 8 Experts 

Do you own a boutique fitness studio? A new health and wellness app? Perhaps you’re a counselor for mental and behavioral health. Regardless of your reason, we’ve pulled together this list of writers who can write for you and your target audience. Check them out below and find the best health and wellness writer today.

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Scott Duncan – Content Strategist & Health and Wellness Writer 

“I write informative articles infused with personality and a touch of humor, creating a personal connection between company and customer.

After 10 years of writing in the insurance and healthcare industries, where I collaborated with several global brands, I now freelance with clients who wish to reach their customers on a human level. Jargon and grey language are out, relaxed but professional formats are in.”

Area of expertise: 

  • Mental health 
  • Physical health 
  • Elderly care 

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Roxanna Guilford-Blake – Healthcare Writer 

“I have 20+ years of experience in communications and media, with a focus on healthcare, business, and policy: I create content for diverse audiences and platforms; translate complex concepts into clear language; help clients tell their stories; provide team leadership and project management; and deftly engage with thought leaders, communicating their ideas to a broader community.”

Area of expertise: 

  • Behavioral health 
  • Medication management 
  • Women’s health 
  • Workplace wellness

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Star Williams – Mental Health Writer 

“My areas of focus include storytelling, business, psychology, and mental health. I am a ghostwriter who specializes in adapting my writing voice to the needs of my clients. In addition, I am a humor writer, capable of working with quirky brands, voices, and characters.

As a co-owner of our writing and editing business, I often collaborate with my partner Jake Tavares who has worked as a professional business editor at Gartner and DoubleCheck Research and usually takes the role of quality control editor on projects for clients.

I’ve been published and/or received awards and recognitions from numerous magazines, including Narrative, Glimmer Train, and The Yalobusha Review. Additionally, I have ghostwritten business blog posts/social copy for private clients, including entrepreneurs like Dorie Clark and companies like DoubleCheck Research. 

As a British American with a literacy teaching background, I have UK degrees in both Psychology and English, as well as a masters-level certificate in Education. My mental health publications include recovery narratives and stories of carers. Under another name, I have been represented by Katharine Sands at the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency, and my writing about mental health has appeared in Thrive Global, Psychology Today, and Spirituality & Health.”

Area of expertise: 

  • LGBTQ+ issues and identities
  • Body image
  • Transgender health and identity 
  • Non-binary health and identity 
  • Mental illness and mental health

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Rachel Lake – Creative Storyteller

“My chief priority as a writer is to provide meaningful insights and credible, in-depth research with immediate applications to real-world challenges. By focusing on clear communication and reader value, I can help your business establish an authentic connection with your audience and expand brand awareness. 

My marketing strategy values quality over quantity. It addresses the reader’s needs first, and capitalizes on reputation and visibility instead of employing aggressive promotional tactics. My work doesn’t include hard sales pitches because readers today are sophisticated and discerning—they don’t have time to sift through unsubstantiated “fluff” and propaganda.

To engage readers, I balance journalistic rigor with strategic marketing techniques to position your company as an industry leader.”

Area of expertise: 

  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy 
  • Stress management
  • Low-impact exercise 
  • Therapy – couples, speech, family, children
  • Pet wellness
  • Mental health care 

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Hannah Isaacs – Copywriter and Marketing Strategist 

“I’m Hannah, a long-time writer, business owner, and athlete.

I write copy and content for a range of businesses, but I specialize in health and fitness. 

Connecting you with your ideal clients is my top priority when I write for you. You can rest assured I’ll always meet your deadlines and use marketing best practices that get results.

As a business owner myself, I understand what you give to make your business thrive. I love creating impactful marketing content that saves you time and helps your business grow.”

Area of expertise:

  • Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition 
  • Yoga

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Nicky LaMarco – Health Writer & Content Strategist 

“I’m a health writer for digital and print publications and health businesses. I also improve brand visibility by creating and implementing content marketing strategies.

I’ve written for, Health Digest, and Insider. I have earned my first-degree black belt in Taekwondo and studied medical billing and coding.”

Area of expertise:

  • Martial arts
  • Mental health 
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition 

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Lindsay Benster – Clinical Research Assistant 

“My experience primarily revolves around health, medicine, neuroscience, and food-related articles, through which I focus on translating difficult scientific concepts into graspable terms. Further, I’ve expanded into reaching millennials through engaging contemporary lifestyle and political pieces. I create engaging content and am adept at including appropriate yet powerful vocabulary to leave an impact and illustrate my message. 

I’ve additionally published several personal nonfiction pieces in The Alcala Review, Fat Daddy’s Farm, and Z Publishing’s Emerging Writers Series.”

Area of expertise:

  • Nutrition 
  • Disease prevention 
  • Fitness
  • Medicine

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Jessica Collins – Fitness Entrepreneurs and Startups 

‘m interested in helping health and fitness business owners expand their reach online and bring in more business.

I have 8+ years of senior copywriting experience as a manager and 3 years of copywriting experience as a business owner myself, so I’m finely attuned to your needs. 

As a bonus, I hold current certifications as an NASM personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, and barre instructor. You get the benefits of having this level of credibility behind the writing. Plus, I have the industry fluency to make you sound knowledgeable.”

Area of expertise:

  • Personal training 
  • Nutrition & wellness
  • Mental illness
  • Postpartum 

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