Hire a Cybersecurity Writer: 7 Experts for Any Content Marketing Budget

Hire a Cybersecurity Writer: 7 Experts

Email phishing, ransomware, cryptojacking, and social engineering cyber-attack attempts are all on the rise. Ensure your brand gets in front of future customers by hiring an expert cybersecurity writer on nDash.

Shireen Stephenson

Hire Cybersecurity Writer: Shireen Stephenson

Shireen Stephenson is an excellent copywriter and content strategist for tech, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. She’s ready to tackle complex topics across whitepapers, blog posts, and social media. Reach out to Shireen for thoroughly researched omnichannel marketing.

Devin Dickerson

Hire Cybersecurity Writer: Devin Dickerson

Devin Dickerson is an adjunct lecturer and information technology specialist. He’s led large-scale software development and integration efforts for some of the largest technology organizations in the world. Send Devin a message for industry experts writing on digital transformation, cybersecurity, fintech, and software development.

Jack Pittas

Hire Cybersecurity Writer: Jack Pittas

Jack Pittas is an experienced writer with the ability to communicate complex topics to non-technical audiences. A former cybersecurity consultant, he’s a great choice for cloud, fintech, insurance, IT infrastructure, and B2B marketing pieces. Reach out to Jack for business, technology, and industry expertise.

Hanna Pisani

Hire Cybersecurity Writer: Hanna Pisani

Hannah Pisani has written for numerous brands, from large technology consultancies to cybersecurity startups. She’s an excellent researcher, SEO analyzer, and content strategist. Send Hannah a message for tech or business writing.

Meet cybersecurity writer Ling Wong

Hire Cybersecurity Writer: Ling Wong

Ling Wong is incredible at developing big-picture stories to enhance thought leadership, brand positioning, and audience relationships. SaaS, IT, cybersecurity, and big data are all in her wheelhouse. Hire Ling to augment your brand.

Rose de Fremery

Hire Cybersecurity Writer: Rose de Fremery

Rose de Fremery is a B2B technology content marketing freelancer specializing in topics such as UCaaS, cybersecurity, mobility, AI, IoT, and digital transformation. She’s written articles specifically targeted at the healthcare, education, and insurance industries, among others. Get in touch with Rose for eBooks, case studies, white papers, articles, blog posts, micrographics, infographics, and even video scripts.

Meet cybersecurity writer Leon Yen

Hire Cybersecurity Writer: Leon Yen

Leon Yen is a Silicon Valley technology professional with decades of experience at both startups and large enterprise software companies. He’s a great choice for cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or tech entrepreneurship assignments. Hire Leon for his deep experience in the industry.

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