Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert Whitepaper Writers for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert Whitepaper Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. This writer spotlight roundup features top whitepaper writers for any content marketing budget.

Jordan Jennings freelance writer

Jordan Jennings: Healthcare Strategy Consultant and Freelance Writer

Jordan Jennings is an accomplished freelance writer specializing in healthcare and medical content. She has an academic background in Healthcare Administration and Management (M.S.) and Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.). Her expertise also extends to fintech, tech writing, and, notably, whitepaper creation.

Her practical experience as a certified EMT and diverse professional background significantly contribute to her writing prowess.

Freelance Writing and Healthcare Experience

Jordan’s extensive freelance portfolio showcases her adaptability and proficiency across different mediums. She’s held roles at Dade Group LLC,, North Canyon Media, Progressive Dental Marketing, and Right Factor Consulting. She excels in producing various content types, from blog posts to whitepapers, digital and print copy, and educational materials.

Additionally, her healthcare sector experience has further honed her expertise in this niche. That includes her role as an Aerospace Medical Technician in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and a Clinical Functional Advisor.

Current Endeavors and Personal Interests

In her current position as a Healthcare Strategy Consultant at JAJ Projects LLC, Jordan focuses on:

  • Strategic healthcare consulting.
  • Practice analysis and ambulance service planning.
  • Market research.

In her personal life, Jordan enjoys riding motorcycles, snowboarding, reading mystery novels, and engaging with her dog. Her participation in Health & Wellness and Science & Medicine communities underlines her commitment to these professional and personal interests.

Check out Jordan’s writing profile to learn how her background and expertise can help with your next whitepaper project.

Brian Slupski freelance writer

Brian Slupski: Senior Writer and Content Manager

Brian Slupski, an experienced writer and editor, stands out for his expertise in creating content optimized for SEO. His journey in content marketing is diverse, encompassing branded microsites, B2B and B2C writing, email marketing, e-commerce, and blog writing.

Brian’s ability to adhere to tight deadlines while delivering high-quality content is a testament to his professionalism. His background in journalism further enhances his skill set, enabling him to conduct thorough research for his writing projects.

Experienced Whitepaper Writer

At Kepath Education, Brian served as the Associate Director of Content, where his role involved writing, editing, and proofreading whitepapers. He was responsible for:

  • Developing content ideas for various subjects, including finance, nursing, engineering, business, and education.
  • Leading as the primary writer and editor for sponsored content. That included establishing partners as thought leaders and driving brand awareness and lead conversions.
  • Managing content calendars to ensure timely and effective content delivery.

This experience underscores his ability to handle complex topics. He presents them in an accessible and engaging manner, a key skill in whitepaper writing.

Versatility Across Industries

Brian’s versatility is evident in his ability to write for various communities such as business, education, health & wellness, and lifestyle. His role at JWC Media as the Executive Editor involved overseeing content for multiple websites and a weekly print product. This experience highlights his ability to adapt his writing style to different formats and audiences.

His background in writing and analyzing content maximizes key digital metrics like unique visits. This expertise demonstrates his understanding of tailoring content to meet specific goals.

Visit Brian’s writing profile to see how his experience can help shape your content strategy.

Kathy Burns spotlight card

Kathy Burns: Freelance Writer and Editor

Kathy Burns has been a dynamic presence in the online content creation world since 1997. With a foundation in technical writing, she swiftly expanded her skills. She now encompasses many writing styles, including direct-response copywriting and website content.

Her proficiency in developing insightful whitepapers has made her a versatile and effective communicator. Her writing expertise covers:

  • long form direct response sales letters
  • email sales letters
  • email newsletters
  • email drip campaigns
  • tutorials and guides
  • ebooks and whitepapers
  • blog posts and articles

Entrepreneurial Ventures Beyond Writing

Beyond writing, Kathy has owned Electronic Perceptions since 2001, offering comprehensive marketing, content, and publishing services. Additionally, her entrepreneurial flair is evident in her photography venture, SasEz! Shots. There, she focuses on business marketing photography in tourism, travel, architecture, food, and events. This dual focus on writing and photography showcases her diverse talents and ability to understand various market needs.

Diverse Subject Matter Expertise

Kathy’s expertise is not confined to a single domain. She writes extensively on topics in finance and business, ranging from stock options and budgeting to content marketing and SEO. This depth in subject matter knowledge enables her to produce engaging and well-crafted content. Additionally, her work is deeply informed and tailored to meet her client’s diverse requirements.

Check out her freelance writer profile to see how her background aligns with your content plans.

Rachel Williams spotlight card

Rachel Williams: Founder and Training Consultant

Rachel Williams is a seasoned professional writer, boasting over a decade of expertise in written content creation. Her career path has been marked by significant involvement in various sectors, particularly retail banking, financial services, and compliance.

Williams is not just an ordinary writer. Her portfolio is a testament to her versatility, encompassing a range of genres. These genres include engaging online articles and blogs, detailed operations manuals, thought leadership pieces, whitepapers, technical reports, and case studies.

Recognitions and Achievements

  • Top 25 Global Customer Experience Influencer of the Year 2023: This award underscores Rachel’s influence and expertise in the customer experience.
  • Top 10 CXM Magazine Contributor 2022: Her contributions have been widely acknowledged, highlighting her ability to provide valuable insights as a thought leader.

These accolades celebrate her excellence in writing and her capacity to offer valuable insights into customer experience management.

Expertise and Clientele

Williams’ client list is impressive. It includes names like the National Health Service (NHS), The Atlas Building London,, and Customer Experience Magazine (CXM). Her ability to cater to diverse audiences stems from her strong research skills, enabling her to deliver high-quality content consistently. Rachel’s professional ethos revolves around precision and a commitment to surpassing client expectations.

Additionally, Williams’ expertise extends across various niches, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Development
  • Time Management

As the founder and Lead Consultant at The Experience Corporation, Rachel Williams continues to make significant contributions to the industry. She oversees research and writing projects, content creation, and course development, catering to many public and private sector clients. Her dedication to giving back to the community is evident in her volunteer work. There, she has mentored, trained, and supported various ministry activities.

Visit Rachel’s freelance writing profile to learn how her expertise can take your whitepaper content creation to the next level.

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