Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert Technical Copywriters for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert Technical Copywriters for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we feature top technical copywriters for any content marketing budget.

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Maggie Harris Content Guru Expert Content Writer Bespoke, Creative, Technical

Maggie Harris: Content Guru | Expert Content Writer | Bespoke, Creative, Technical

Maggie Harris is a seasoned freelance writer and business owner celebrated for her expertise in various niches. These include marketing, market research, MedTech, e-commerce, travel, and content writing in the healthcare industry. A skilled communicator, she leads the creative efforts at Harris Content & Copy. Her superpower? Taking complex technical jargon and turning it into clear, captivating content for everyone.

Her agency is not just another content marketing firm; it stands out for its unique storytelling and content development approach. Maggie’s comprehensive skills encompass blog writing, copywriting, content marketing, SEO, and ghostwriting. Her knack for crafting expert content is crucial in driving business growth through effective communication strategies.

A Diverse Personal Life and Career As a Freelance Writer

Maggie founded Harris Content & Copy in 2009. Since then, she’s poured over 15 years into mastering her writing, editing, social media management, and self-publishing skills. Her professional journey, rooted in the Gold Coast, has led to a reputable business with a wide range of services.

Her skills and services include:

  • Writing and editing: Specializing in transforming complex topics into engaging content.
  • Social media management: Crafting strategies to enhance online presence and engagement.
  • Self-publishing services: Assisting authors in bringing their works to the public.
  • SEO and content marketing: Optimizing content for search engines and marketing needs.
  • Ghostwriting: Providing anonymous writing services for various clients.

Beyond her professional expertise, Maggie is also an avid author, traveler, and motorcycle enthusiast. Her diverse interests add an intriguing layer to her persona and work, including speaking about herself in the third person. Her wide range of interests enables her to connect with diverse audiences across different topics.

Global Reach and Volunteer Work

In addition to her successful business, Maggie Kate Harris is an Australian author and a volunteer with the United Nations. Her global perspective is evident in her work with Smart Business Hub. There, she manages content marketing and digital support services.

Her tenure at Nokia as a Training Material Content Writer from 2009 to 2015 showcases her ability to adapt her skills to different industries, creating practical training and marketing materials for a major telecommunications manufacturer. Maggie’s diverse experiences, professionally and personally, make her a dynamic and versatile figure in content creation and marketing.

Check out Maggie’s writing profile to learn how her background can help shape your editorial content planning.

Dominic Bartolone Freelance Technical & Creative Writer

Dominic Bartolone: Freelance Technical & Creative Writer

Dominic Bartolone began his writing journey as a technical writer for a renowned Fortune 50 medical manufacturing company. This initial role laid the groundwork for his expansive and diverse career in writing. Specializing in legal, regulatory, and financial articles, Bartolone has skillfully bridged the gap between complex topics and general comprehension. His proficiency lies in ghostwriting for attorneys, focusing on case law, financial regulations, and compliance. This expertise extends to his ability to research and articulate various subjects, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Experience as a Freelance Writer and Editor

In recent years, Bartolone has flourished as a freelance writer and senior copy editor. His work includes creating original articles for law firms, marketing agencies, and finance companies. His role as a senior copy editor and ghostwriter for a commercial law firm in Orange County highlights his ability to oversee projects and lead a team of writers. Additionally, his contributions to a mortgage industry-focused ezine and various online publications underscore his versatility and capacity to engage with multiple topics within the business and finance sectors.

Specialties include:

  • Specializes in ghostwritten content for legal topics
  • Expert in breaking down complex legal and technical matters for laypersons
  • Skilled in financial regulations, compliance, and case law

Professional Background: Beyond Being a Freelance Writer

Dominic Bartolone’s extensive experience is not limited to writing alone. He brings a wealth of real-world business knowledge from various fields, including finance, manufacturing, medical, energy, construction, investing, and legal. This experience is evident in his work at DB Innovations LLC, where he provides many services like technical and creative writing, social media, and marketing consulting.

His tenure as a technical writer at Golden State Foods and J&J Biosense Webster further demonstrates his ability to handle diverse and challenging environments, ranging from IT to cutting-edge medical device equipment.

Visit Dominic’s writing profile to see how his expertise can help level up your content strategy.

Kandace Kennedy Technical Freelance Writer Web Developer

Kandace Kennedy: Technical Freelance Writer | Web Developer

Kandace Kennedy is a seasoned technical writer with over ten years in IT. Her expertise spans writing documents, technical articles, blogs, and user guides. She is dedicated to producing clear, concise, and reliable documentation. Her belief in documentation drives Kandace’s work as a key learning and growth tool.

Technical Skills and Experience As a Freelance Writer

Throughout her career, Kandace has developed a diverse skill set, including:

  • Computer networking
  • API documentation
  • Web design and development
  • Server administration
  • End-user guides
  • Instructional design

Her talent lies in simplifying complex concepts into understandable language.

Career Timeline

Kandace has owned Write2Memory since February 2021, offering freelance writing and web development services. Before this, she was an IT Technical Writer at Isagenix from July 2018 to March 2022. Her previous roles include a Corporate Trainer and NOC Engineer at various organizations. Kandace’s career reflects her deep involvement in technology and business communities.

Head over to Kandace’s writing profile to learn more about her background and how she can help with your content plans.

Victoria Pearce I use storytelling to educate and build trust in your brand. HR Legal Tech

Victoria Pearce: I use storytelling to educate and build trust in your brand. HR | Legal | Tech

Victoria Pearce is a professional content creator specializing in the legal, HR, and technology sectors. Her expertise is rooted in her experience as a lawyer with inactive licenses in California and Texas and her in-house practice that spanned 14 states. This background allows her to understand and write about complex legal topics effortlessly, offering blog posts, newsletters, and white papers. Her unique ability to build expertise and attract clients through her well-crafted content makes her a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their brand authority in these areas.

HR Expertise and Content Creation

In addition to her legal acumen, Victoria Pearce’s experience in a Senior HR role at the Walt Disney Company equips her with a comprehensive understanding of recruiting, employee relations, and general HR best practices. Her role in HR is pivotal in her current capacity as a content creator, where she specializes in writing:

  • How-to guides: These guides offer step-by-step instructions and practical advice on various HR-related topics, helping companies streamline their HR processes.
  • Blog posts: Pearce’s blog posts are designed to educate HR professionals on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the industry.
  • Web copy that sells HR solutions: Her expertise in HR allows her to craft compelling web copy that effectively communicates the benefits of HR solutions to potential customers.

This combination of HR knowledge and content creation skills makes Victoria an invaluable resource for businesses looking to enhance their HR practices and promote their services through targeted, knowledgeable content.

Writing Career and Contributions

Victoria Pearce’s writing career is marked by her significant contributions as a freelance writer and contributing writer for Forbes Advisor. Since April 2022, she has been creating high-quality, research-backed articles, blogs, and white papers through her content writing venture, Victoria Pearce Content Writing. Her work focuses on long-form content that enhances brand visibility and positions businesses as trusted experts. Additionally, as a freelance writer for Eleven Writing since September 2022, she specializes in creating blog posts and web copy for B2B SaaS companies in the HR technology field. Her role at Forbes Advisor involves creating educational, legal content for a US-based audience, further showcasing her versatility and expertise in content creation.

Key contributions:

  • In-depth legal, HR, and technology content creation
  • High-quality articles and white papers for brand-building
  • Educational content for Forbes Advisor in legal topics

Check Victoria’s writing profile to see how her background and expertise can help shape your content planning.

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