Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert Hybrid Work Writers for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert Hybrid Work Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we feature top hybrid work writers for any content marketing budget.

Marianne Chrisos freelance writer spotlight

Marianne Chrisos: Content Marketing Manager and Freelancer

Marianne Chrisos is a gifted professional storyteller. She has a deep love for books and narrative craft. In her professional guise, she leverages her skills as a writer, editor, and content marketer. Her toolkit is diverse, covering social media, communications, and digital marketing. She is adept in research, copywriting, and editing. Her proficiency extends to SEO and analytics, enhancing her storytelling with data-driven insights.

In the domain of hybrid work, Marianne’s talents are especially relevant. Her work as a Content Marketing Manager at Cisco is notable. Here, she creates diverse and engaging campaign content. She collaborates with different teams to shape effective campaign narratives. Her past roles at Gartner and Vari saw her producing extensive research and brand content. She excels in topics like cybersecurity and cloud security. These skills make her an asset in the technology and business sectors, perfect for the demands of hybrid work environments.

Visit Marianne’s writing portfolio to learn more about how her background and expertise can help your editorial plans.

Amy Hooker Kidd freelance writer spotlight

Amy Hooker Kidd: Technology Geek & Freelance Writer with a Marketing Background

Amy Hooker Kidd is a B2B freelance writer with a 20-year track record. Her work spans SIP trunking to AI. She has engaged a broad audience, from startups to big enterprises. Amy’s content varies widely. She creates compelling stories that pass the critical “so what?” test. Her PR and marketing background informs her storytelling prowess.

Amy has embraced the hybrid work model in her two-decade career. She consults for maven communications, inc., showcasing versatility. Her writing delves into flexible work arrangements, including hybrid models. She covers their impact on business and tech. Her insight into hybrid work highlights her adaptability. It shows her grasp of today’s professional shifts.

Learn more about Amy and her expertise by checking out her writing portfolio.

Natasha Serafimovsk spotlight

Natasha Serafimovska: B2B Technology Freelance Writer

Natashia Serafimovska is a freelance B2B writer with a deep EdTech SaaS background. Before writing, she held various mid-senior roles. These included being an enterprise account manager and project manager. She also led commercial teams. Natashia now crafts long-form content for the education and finance sectors. She’s well-versed in SEO and content strategy.

Her writing includes blogs, leadership pieces, and white papers. She uses expert interviews for original insights. Natashia has written for The Times and major bank hubs. Her education includes an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. She’s part of the ASJA and leads their Virtual Education Committee. With roles at Hoxby and LaserCue LLP, Natashia excels in her field. She’s also a certified career coach with Randstad Risesmart UK. Her experience makes her a leader in freelance writing and hybrid work consulting.

Learn more about Natasha’s background and how her experience can level up your content strategy by visiting her writing portfolio.

Emily Lamothe spotlight

Emily Lamothe: Content Writer & Messaging Strategist

Emily Lamothe’s 12-year copywriting career stands out for its heartfelt and genuine copy. She caters to a diverse clientele, crafting copy that creates true connections. Her storytelling is scientific and aimed at fostering trust and brand loyalty.

Emily’s own hybrid work lifestyle informs her writing on the subject. She’s strategized content for Sqwire and managed social media for the Modern Femme Movement. Her approach is hands-on, ensuring messages resonate and inspire on every digital front.

Visit Emily’s writing portfolio to learn more about how her background can help shape your content creation plans.

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