Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert Freelance Business Writers for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert Freelance Business Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we feature top freelance business writers for any content marketing budget.

Matt Jackson Writer Card

Matt Jackson: Experienced Freelance Business Writer

Over 15 years in content writing and marketing have equipped Matt Jackson with deep expertise and versatility. Freelancing initially honed their skills across legal, financial, B2B, tech, and blogging. This diverse experience allows Jackson to tailor content strategies and marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

Leadership Experience at Wildshark Ltd. (May 2016 – Oct 2019)

Jackson’s leadership role as Head of Content at Wildshark Ltd. further strengthened his abilities. He spearheaded blog outreach, secured guest posting opportunities, crafted engaging website content for conversions and SEO, and mentored content writing and blogger outreach apprentices.

Freelance Expertise with Strategic Approach

Returning to freelancing after Wildshark, Jackson brought a wealth of knowledge. His expertise shines in keyword research, competitor analysis, and content gap analysis. He uses tools like Ahrefs, AnswerThePublic, and HARO. This experience ensures engaging content bolstered by his talent for sourcing professional quotes and conducting interviews.

Adaptability and Expanding Expertise Among Freelance Business Writers

Jackson’s recent exploration of pet content, video game news, and a growing interest in cryptocurrency and board game writing showcase their adaptability. This expansion, combined with his strong foundation in marketing, SEO, and content strategy, positions him as a highly skilled and adaptable freelance content writer. Jackson’s ability to create compelling content across diverse subjects reflects both his passion for new niches and his commitment to crafting high-quality content.

👉 Check out his nDash profile to learn more about how he stands out among other freelance business writers: Matt Jackson.

Angela Stringfellow Writer Card

Angela Stringfellow: Skilled Content Creator, Editor, and Project Manager

For over 15 years, Angela Stringfellow crafted compelling narratives that capture audiences and deliver results. Her expertise spans B2B and B2C content, from blog posts and articles to in-depth guides and white papers. Stringfellow has helped startups, healthcare firms, tech companies, and more create high-impact content that drives engagement and achieves business goals.

Beyond writing, she leads content strategy for CODA Concepts, developing and executing data-driven campaigns that elevate brands and increase ROI. Her experience also includes consulting for, where I provided valuable insights into senior living content.

Key Strengths

  • Compelling storytelling: Stringfellow can turn complex topics into engaging narratives.
  • Industry versatility: She excels at B2B and B2C content across diverse industries.
  • Strategic content marketing: Stringfellow can develop data-driven campaigns with measurable results.
  • Leadership & innovation: She guides content teams and stays ahead of the curve.

What Stringfellow Offers

  • Content creation (blogs, articles, guides, white papers)
  • Content strategy development & execution
  • Editorial project management
  • Content marketing consulting

👉 Check out her nDash profile to learn more about how she stands out among other freelance business writers: Angela Stringfellow.

Becky Jolly Writer Card

Becky Jolly: Experienced Freelance Business Writer

Imagine this: 4 billion blog posts appear online daily. Businesses face fierce competition for attention, not just to make a sale but throughout the entire customer journey. The average person consumes over 11 pieces of content before buying. Businesses need high-quality, optimized content that effectively communicates value. Otherwise, they risk getting lost in the noise, missing revenue opportunities, and weakening brand visibility.

The Struggle is Real

Many businesses need help with content creation. They might lack the resources to maintain a consistent schedule, see low engagement despite high volume, or fail to connect with their target audience. These issues highlight the need for expertise in content strategy, creation, and optimization.

Jolly’s Expertise: Helping Businesses Thrive

Since 2012, Becky Jolly has worked with diverse clients, from software companies to rock bands. This experience has given her a deep understanding of content challenges and the skills to address them. Jolly helps businesses enhance brand awareness, engagement, and, ultimately, growth.

Proven Results

Jolly’s work is characterized by long-term client relationships built on successful content strategies. For example, with Development Group, Inc., she increased audience reach and brand awareness through strategic content creation and social media. Additionally, Jolly boosted CorsPro’s web traffic by 671% with targeted social media campaigns. Her commitment is clear: leverage content to achieve business goals, whether through blogging, social media management, or compelling copywriting.

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Rebecca Theriot Writer Card: Expert Freelance Business Writers

Rebecca Theriot: Full-Time Business Freelancer

Rebecca Theriot has over eight years of experience (since September 2015), having honed her skills at Dependable Writing Services. Her portfolio boasts a range of successful projects, from engaging blog posts and e-books to clear product descriptions and compelling email campaigns.

Elevate Your Content Strategy

But Theriot goes beyond content creation. She understands how to craft messages that resonate with audiences, ensuring content not only captivates but also ranks well through organic SEO techniques. Her versatility shines in both B2B and B2C contexts, with the ability to handle lightly technical topics with clarity.

Beyond Writing: A Strong Business Acumen

Before her freelance journey, Theriot built a strong foundation in business, contributing to their comprehensive understanding of the client landscape. Theriot’s experience as a property manager at Sportsman’s Paradise (June 2004 – September 2017) honed her customer service and relationship management skills, which are invaluable assets for freelance writers.

Earlier, as an Assistant to the Director at the Small Business Development Center (June 2001 – January 2003), she gained firsthand knowledge of small business operations. These experiences, coupled with her writing talent, enable Theirot to create content rich with business insights and compelling storytelling.

👉 Check out her nDash profile to learn more about how she stands out among other freelance business writers: Rebecca Theriot.

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