Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert Fintech Writers for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert Fintech Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we’re featuring top fintech writers for any content marketing budget.

Kara Hartnett freelance writer spotlight

Kara Hartnett: 10+ Years | Technology, Business, Fintech | SEO

Kara Hartnett is an experienced content marketer boasting a decade of industry success. She excels in creating strategies for technical and B2B sectors, establishing customer trust and loyalty. Her expertise lies in highlighting a brand’s unique value through its narratives, enhancing visibility and sales while building reliability.

Kara’s focus includes technology sectors like AI, machine learning, and computer vision, along with business and FinTech. Her writing spans various mediums, including blogs, ebooks, detailed whitepapers, and video scripts. She strongly believes in content marketing’s power to engage audiences, strengthen industry authority, and create enduring bonds.

Beyond just creating content, Kara seeks broader collaborations. She aims to use impactful communication to deepen companies’ connections with their audiences. This approach invites others into a beneficial and evolving narrative. She welcomes potential partners and clients to co-create their success stories.

Check out Kara’s writing portfolio or read her interview with us to learn more about how her expertise can help shape your content creation plans.

Dam Pelberg freelance writer spotlight

Dan Pelberg: Financial Writer | Financial Services | Fintech | Personal Finance

Dan Pelberg is a seasoned financial writer. His expertise spans fintech, venture capital, and blockchain. He has made his mark in the cryptocurrency world, working with various startups and news platforms. Dan has held significant roles throughout his career. He founded Pelberg Writing LLC and served as a reporter at Tearsheet. He also shares his insights as a co-host on the Tearsheet Lending Podcast. His strong presence in finance makes him a known voice in the industry.

Dan is open to long-term partnerships, offering services from ghostwriting to web copy. His work covers a wide range of financial topics. He has a deep understanding of trends in banking, investment, and startups.

All of his professional insights and services are available on his website, His contributions make him a key figure in the financial field.

Check out Dan’s writing portfolio to learn more about his background and how his expertise can level up your content strategy.

Gustav Christopher Wagner spotlight

Gustav Christopher Wagner: GERMAN & ENGLISH Finance Writer | ex Trader, Banker | 15 years experience, CFA

Gustav Christopher “Gus” Wagner is a respected writer from London, U.K. He focuses on finance, tech, and sustainability. His 15-year career spans roles in banking, trading, and FinTech entrepreneurship. He notably founded All Markets Ltd and BlockFacts Ltd, showcasing his skill in creating innovative financial solutions. Although he faced setbacks, like closing BlockFacts due to funding issues, his passion for finance and technology remains strong.

Gus boasts academic credentials, including a master’s in finance and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He expanded his expertise through courses at Oxford and Cambridge, focusing on FinTech and sustainability, respectively.

Beyond work, he advocates for animal rights and embraces veganism. He also enjoys philosophy, chess, running, and tennis. These pursuits highlight his multifaceted personality, blending professional expertise with personal enrichment.

Check out Gustav’s writing portfolio to see how his experience and expertise can help with your fintech content creation needs.

Shayna Wills spotlight

Shayna Wills: SaaS/Fintech/B2B Copywriter + Freelance Writer

Shayna Wills is an experienced B2B copywriter and content strategist. She focuses on creating impactful content for B2B and SaaS companies, particularly in the finance and tech sectors. Her skill set is diverse, covering content strategies, white papers, case studies, and more. Shayna has worked with various clients, from payment processing to wealth management firms. Her goal is always clear: to boost engagement, position her clients as industry leaders, and increase sales conversions.

In her past role at Fidelity Payment Services and Cardknox, Shayna gained valuable experience. She worked as a Marketing Communications Specialist, creating a wide range of content. Her responsibilities included writing webpage copy, email sequences, and blog posts.

She also crafted detailed white papers and case studies. Every piece served a strategic purpose, whether to nurture leads, expand brand awareness, or inform stakeholders. Her versatile skills make her a comprehensive content expert, capable of handling various communication needs.

Check out Shayna’s writing portfolio to learn more about her background and how her experience can help shape your editorial calendar.

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