Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert Conversion Copywriters for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert Conversion Copywriters Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we feature top conversion copywriters for any content marketing budget.

Ling Wong headshot

Ling Wong: Strategic positioning + communication for SaaS and tech companies | Thought leadership + SEO content creation | Founder-led content marketing

Ling Wong is a freelance writer who specializes in strategic communication and positioning for SaaS and tech companies. Her portfolio boasts a diverse range of content, from blog posts and thought leadership articles to white papers and e-books. She also excels at crafting compelling marketing materials like press releases, case studies, and website copy.

Her talent lies in simplifying intricate topics. She has a knack for taking complex subjects and making them understandable. This ensures that everyone can grasp the essential details of each theme. By clarifying the intricacies, she effectively communicates the core of each subject matter.

Diverse Experience in Online and Content Marketing

With a rich background spanning over 15 years, Ling brings a wealth of experience to online marketing and content marketing. Her career highlights include:

  • Leading diverse digital marketing campaigns and website development projects.
  • Collaborating seamlessly with teams in strategy, UX, visual design, and site build.
  • Holding certifications in Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Growth-Driven Design.

She’s a digital marketing expert, adept in areas like online and B2B marketing. Her expertise expands beyond digital marketing, delving into niche fields like cybersecurity software and legal and medical practice management software.

Impressive Client Portfolio and Thought Leadership

Ling’s client list is a testament to her expertise and versatility. She has worked with industry leaders like Neil Patel, TechTarget, Amdocs,, AppsFlyer, and many others. Her ability to translate technical features into tangible business results is a key aspect of her work. Drawing on her keen awareness of audience preferences, she creates content that resonates with the brand’s image. This content, meticulously crafted to reflect the brand’s voice, solidifies its reputation as an industry authority.

Check out Ling’s writing profile to learn how her expertise can level up your content strategy.

Shireen Stephenson headshot

Shireen Stephenson: Tech Conversion Freelance Writer and SEO Specialist

Shireen Stephenson is a multifaceted freelance writer with a focus on tech conversion copywriting and SEO specialization. Her skills are tailored towards helping tech SaaS businesses grow through strategic positioning and messaging.

Shireen’s expertise is not limited to tech; she also creates impactful content for the healthcare, manufacturing, and legal industries. Forget copywriting alone – her expertise lies in the intricate dance between sales, marketing, and SEO. This allows her to craft content that captivates readers while seamlessly navigating the world of search engine optimization. In essence, her work doesn’t just grab attention, it strategically positions itself for online visibility.

Versatile Experience and Skill Set

  • Educator and Editor: With a wealth of experience in both education and editing, she thrived at There, she leveraged her deep knowledge to tackle diverse academic inquiries. Beyond that, she honed her skills by offering constructive feedback on college application essays.
  • B2B and B2C Writing: At Verblio, she leveraged her SEO knowledge and communication skills to create engaging blog posts. She produced high-conversion content for various industries, including healthcare, technology, and energy.
  • Expertise in Content Strategy: A Freelance Digital Specialist, she leverages data-driven insights to craft content across sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and SaaS. Her proficiency in this approach shines through her work, demonstrating a deep understanding of diverse markets and audiences.

Unique Approach to Content Strategy

Shireen crafts personalized content strategies for each client, ditching the one-size-fits-all approach. From SEO-driven content to captivating brand stories, she uses in-depth research and expert interviews to build trust and reliability.

She takes pride in personal engagement, ensuring every project receives meticulous care and precision. This tailored touch makes her an invaluable asset for businesses seeking a powerful digital presence.

Visit Shireen’s writing profile to see how her background can help shape your editorial calendar.

Samuel Dixon headshot

Samuel Dixon: SaaS Copywriter | B2B Conversion Freelance Writer

Samuel Dixon, a seasoned SaaS copywriter, excels in transforming complex software jargon into accessible, everyday language. With over three years of experience, Sam has worked with top-tier clients such as Wrike,, and Wise.

His ability to deliver quickly, focus on conversion-centric content, and maintain SEO optimization makes him a standout in the field.

The Journey and Expertise of Freelance Writer Samuel Dixon

A Lifelong Passion for Products: Samuel’s journey began at the tender age of five, stemming from a fascination with products ignited by a toy kitchen set. This early interest blossomed into a professional career, marked by a deep understanding of product appeal and customer engagement. Residing in the rain-soaked landscapes of England, Sam harnesses indoor time to deepen his product knowledge and craft compelling content.

Key Strengths:

  • Fast turnarounds without sacrificing quality
  • SEO-optimized copy that elevates brand visibility
  • Conversion-focused approach ensuring tangible results

A Unique Approach to Email Marketing

Connection to Conversion: Samuel’s philosophy centers on the principle of “Connection -> Conversion.” He believes that establishing a genuine connection with the audience is paramount in the eCommerce space to stand out.

Specializing in email marketing, Samuel has studied and developed the ‘Odds-Stacking’ framework. This ensures that every email crafted under his pen is primed for high conversion rates. Drawing on his own consumer experiences, he can step into the shoes of the ideal customer. This highlights his ability to understand customer needs and motivations.

Specialization Highlights:

  • Expertise in email marketing with a focus on customer engagement
  • Proven track record in creating high-conversion email sequences
  • Deep understanding of the customer psyche, facilitating effective communication strategies

Visit Samuel’s writing profile to see how his experience can shape your content creation plans.

freelance writer Kelly Reising headshot

Kelly Reising: Content Marketing Specialist and Copywriter

Multifaceted freelance writer Kelly Reising shines across media forms. Her passion for beauty and lifestyle transpires into her book “Lifetips 101 Makeup Tips,” offering readers a wealth of practical advice.

Beyond her book, her writing regularly shines in top publications like Allure and Vogue, showcasing her talents to a wider audience. Kelly’s digital prowess elevates copywriting with targeted SEO and content creation, driving sales conversions through her keen understanding of the digital landscape.

Professional Highlights: Authorship and Editorial Roles

Kelly’s career is marked by significant milestones:

  • Authorship: Kelly is the accomplished author of “Lifetips 101 Makeup Tips,” a bestseller since its release in 2007.
  • Beauty Editor Role: Since January 2006, she has been a beauty editor at Mode Lifestyle Magazine, further cementing her status in the beauty industry.
  • Varied Writing Ventures: Kelly shares her knowledge and experience through writing, showcasing her expertise in various publications. Her portfolio includes a regular column on called “Mother Magnetism,” alongside contributions to Mode, Seminole Magazine, and Women of Color Magazine.

Engage with Kelly: A Catalyst for Brand Growth

For businesses and individuals seeking to elevate their content, Kelly Reising offers a range of services. These promise to transform and innovate brand storytelling. Her expertise is not limited to writing. She is adept at content creation, marketing, social media development, and brand story consultation. Kelly’s approach is tailor-made to suit the unique needs of each client.

Check out Kelly’s writing profile to learn how to leverage her experience for your content planning.

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