Freelance Writer Spotlight Expert B2C Writers for Any Budget

Freelance Writer Spotlight: Expert B2C Writers for Any Budget

Our freelance writer community is home to tens of thousands of experts, and our numbers continue growing. In this writer spotlight roundup, we feature top B2C writers for any content marketing budget.

Matt Eisenberg headshot

Matt Eisenberg: Freelance Writer Experienced With B2C Copy

Matt Eisenberg is a versatile writer with a rich content creation, marketing, and screenwriting background. With over five years of experience, Matt has honed his skills across various writing domains, including fiction and non-fiction.

Matt’s Career Highlights as a Freelance Writer

Matt boasts a diverse and accomplished career as a freelance writer, achieving remarkable results across various roles. As Head Content Writer at Opus Virtual Offices, he used his social media and advertising strategies to generate a 56% increase in website traffic. This strategy led to a substantial expansion of the client base. His SEO-optimized articles attracted new audiences, while his press releases secured coverage in major publications, significantly boosting brand recognition.

Beyond Opus, Matt’s expertise extends to comedic content creation. At Dark Matter Design LLC, his animated comedic scripts captivated millions of viewers on YouTube, contributing to the company’s success. Matt’s ability to collaborate seamlessly with animators and producers ensured production-ready content, further enhancing his value to the team.

Since 2016, Matt has thrived as a freelance content and SEO writer. He conducts thorough research to incorporate accurate statistics into his engaging articles and blogs, catering to diverse platforms and audiences. His versatility shines as he tackles various topics, from politics to sports. This adaptability solidifies his reputation as a skilled and adaptable freelance writer.

Freelance Writer Specialties

His expertise is crafting engaging B2C content, press releases, social media content, and articles in both short and long forms. Matt has a unique flair for comedy writing and has contributed significantly to numerous YouTube networks.

Check out Matt’s writing profile to learn more about how his background can help level up your B2C content plans.

Rebecca Parson headshot

Rebecca Parson: SEO That Attracts Traffic and Sales Copy That Converts

Rebecca Parson is a highly skilled freelance writer with a diverse background in creating B2B and B2C content. Her expertise covers various fields, including investing, SaaS, marketing, productivity, self-improvement, nonprofits, fitness, real estate, health, and e-commerce.

She holds a master’s degree in writing from Johns Hopkins University. Her eight years of copywriting experience enhanced her work significantly. Additionally, she has five years of editing experience. Her expertise ensures that her content is engaging and SEO-optimized. This optimization is crucial for attracting traffic and driving conversions.

Industry Impact as a Freelance Writer

Rebecca has been with Sounds Good Copy since June 2014. She has proven her ability to generate substantial client revenue during her tenure. Her expertise spans various sectors, including finance, real estate, online courses, health, and travel. Her writing is known for its effectiveness in sales and marketing, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability to different industry needs.

Academic Contributions

Rebecca’s career extends beyond her professional achievements. She has an academic background as an instructor at Johns Hopkins University. There, she taught “Introduction to Fiction and Poetry.” She also taught “Travel Writing” from August 2009 to May 2011. This experience underscores her creative and critical writing skill set, enhancing her content creator and educator capabilities.

Visit Rebecca’s writing profile to see how her expertise can help shape your editorial calendar.

Sarah Wilkerson headshot

Sarah Wilkerson: B2C & B2B Content Writer

Sarah Wilkerson is a professional freelance writer specializing in B2C and B2B content. Her expertise is crafting SEO-optimized materials, including blogs, long-form articles, infographics, and newsletters.

Sarah launched her freelance writing career in June 2016. Since then, she has dedicated herself to content creation. She focuses on crafting content that captures readers’ attention, fosters trust, and encourages repeat visits. Her client-focused approach ensures that her content is engaging and tailored to the audience’s needs.

Academic Pursuits and Skill Development

Sarah is also a graduate student at East Carolina University Graduate School, where she has been studying since January 2022. Her academic pursuits encompass higher education, health communication, marketing, blogging, healthcare, and research.

This extensive academic background enriches her content writing, providing a well-informed and authoritative perspective. It’s this blend of professional writing experience and academic knowledge that sets her apart in the field of content creation.

Expanding Horizons: From Writer to Academic Advising

Sarah’s professional journey extends beyond writing and education into academic advising and interpersonal communication. Her tenure as a Success Coach at Stanly Community College involved guiding students in the Human Services Technology program. This role involved being a key contact, providing academic advice, and maintaining a safe, respectful learning environment.

Her involvement in direct communication with students and instructors through various mediums has significantly enhanced her interpersonal and communication skills. This experience complements her abilities as a freelance writer. It makes her adept at connecting with a wide range of audiences on and off the page.

Check out Sarah’s writing profile to learn more about how her experience can help with your content plans.

Stefanie Addis headshot

Stefanie Addis: B2C and B2B Freelance Content Writer

Stefanie Addis is a dedicated freelance writer and blogger specializing in personal finance and wellness. She firmly believes in the interconnection of financial and emotional well-being. Passionate about empowering consumers, she advocates enhancing wellness financially, emotionally, and physically. Her approach to writing is grounded in this philosophy. She aims to provide content that informs and supports the overall betterment of her readers.

Extensive Banking Experience Enhances Sarah’s Expertise as a Freelance Writer

With a substantial background of over 20 years in the banking industry, Stefanie possesses an in-depth understanding of financial services and products. Her expertise covers various topics, from credit cards and loans to effective money management and credit scoring.

This extensive experience allows her to demystify complex financial concepts, presenting them clearly and engagingly, devoid of typical finance jargon. Her expertise in this field extends beyond mere information relay. She focuses on empathetically addressing the common pain points of consumers. Additionally, she proactively addresses questions they might have about their finances.

Diverse Writing Portfolio in Fintech and Beyond

Stefanie’s passion and expertise extend to working with fintech companies prioritizing consumer financial wellness. She has a rich history of ghostwriting B2B and B2C content for various fintech firms. She covers various topics, such as credit building and communication solutions for credit unions. Additionally, she writes about consumer-friendly credit card options. Her writing isn’t limited to financial topics; she also delves into lifestyle, business, health & wellness, and personal development.

Stefanie ensures her work is well-researched and includes cited references to reputable sources. She also incorporates strategic internal and external links to enhance reader engagement and trust. Her diverse portfolio is a testament to her versatility and commitment to quality in freelance writing.

Visit Stephanie’s writing profile to see how her expertise can help elevate your content strategy.

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