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Customer Spotlight: Layer

Layer is a leading customer conversation platform. It lets you talk to your customers “how” and “where” they prefer. And, as a result, do more business. With mobile messaging at the core, Layer enables you to aggregate other communication channels. Examples include email and your website, chatbots, applications, and analytics. The goal is to bring together a complete view of each customer and create a unified, branded customer experience. It helps you close sales faster, support customers more effectively, and delight people at all stages of the customer journey.

The Challenge: An Emerging Customer Conversation Platform

“As the company has grown, one marketing challenge [for Layer] has been focusing on a content strategy that drives brand awareness and lead generation. Part of that evolution has been going from a few blog posts per year to at least one per day. Working with nDash has helped us scale that content creation.”

The Solution: Scaling With Custom-Built Writing Teams

Customer Spotlight: Layer“We have multiple executives that have spent many years in our industry. They have ideas that we can turn into content, but usually not the time to actually write themselves. We turned to nDash to connect writers with our internal contributors so they could turn thoughts into blog posts and white papers that resonate with readers.

“We knew that we could give our nDash writers any assignment and that they would come through with a well-crafted deliverable. Regardless of whether it’s a case study, an email campaign, web copy, social, or blog posts, we trust our nDash writers to get the job done.

“And for us, the difference between using these writers and trying to do things ourselves was consistency. Our writers get the job done on time, every time. Which is something we couldn’t promise if our internal contributors were alone. The ROI becomes clear as leads roll in as a result of our consistent publishing schedule.”

The Results: Increased Content Frequency, Traffic, and Leads

“I was surprised by how quickly the nDash community understood our area of expertise given its technical requirements. It’s often a challenge to translate all this technical language into business advantages that our non-technical audience can grasp easily.

The diligence of our nDash writers has been impressive. We move fast at Layer, and sometimes that means new ideas come up that we want to get out the door right away. No matter what we throw at our nDash writers, they’re able to deliver a quality product quickly and with excellent service.”