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Customer Spotlight: IgniteRM

Marketing consultants in the tech industry face the same problem as the clients they serve. How do you turn a great vision into real business results?

IgniteRM was built on the idea that the standard marketing playbook won’t help emerging technology and software-focused organizations grow and drive revenue. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, IgniteRM acts as a remote CMO for clients nationwide, bringing together a network of marketing veterans to create unique marketing strategies that achieve desired business outcomes.

But IgniteRM and sister company Winc Analytics isn’t just acting as distant coaches. They help clients execute marketing strategies with services that include sales alignment, metric tracking, audience targeting, SEO, content creation, and more.

“Marketing consultants can’t just rely on building strategic plans to serve their clients,” said Ginger Clay, Marketing Architect at IgniteRM. “That’s only the first step in generating measurable results. Executing for clients means wearing a lot of different hats—and that’s where the challenge comes in.”

The Challenge: Scaling to Meet Content Needs 

IgniteRM technology solution marketing firm

Written content forms the foundation for so many technology marketing strategies today. It gives you a web presence for search engines and forms the voice of an organization. However, writing quality content can be a full-time job unto itself. One that many marketing consultants struggle to fit in alongside their many other responsibilities.

“Any writer knows that you can’t just sit down and pump out quality content without taking the time to make sure it’s valuable and speaks to the intended audience,” said Ginger. “Collecting all the information I needed to write articles and then finding the time to actually write them was a consistent challenge as I served my clients.”

The technology companies that hire IgniteRM and Winc Analytics expect written content to showcase expertise to their target audiences. As a result, it often seemed easier to keep the writing process internal.

However, every new client came with new demands for content. When it became clear her personal time was better spent on the strategic side, Ginger started searching for freelance writers to keep up with content needs.

By building a content community through nDash, Ginger has been able to meet content demands while also freeing herself up to better serve her clients from a strategic perspective.

The Solution: Creating an nDash Content Community 

Ginger and IgniteRM are the perfect examples of how content communities come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the nDash platform, Ginger has been able to find a reliable set of writers who can meet the needs of her clients at price points that perfectly fit her budget.

“As a single business owner and marketing consultant, I’m constantly facing varying levels of demand. With nDash, I’m able to reliably outsource my content creation. That way, I’m able to reduce my overhead while still accessing stellar writers on demand. Choosing nDash was one of the best business decisions I made in 2018.”—Ginger Clay

For IgniteRM and Winc Analytics, the nDash platform is a means to keep up with content demand without taking focus away from strategic planning or administrative responsibilities.

By working with content creators through nDash, Ginger has the flexibility to assign different projects to a variety of writers depending on client needs. And because she isn’t completely dependent on a single writer, Ginger can adhere to any timeline necessary to fit a client’s strategy.

In just a few months, IgniteRM and Winc Analytics are already seeing the business benefits of using nDash for content creation.

The Results: Reinvesting Time into the Business

IgniteRM customer testimonial

The “RM” in IgniteRM stands for “Results Marketing.” As much as Ginger and her team focus on customized marketing strategies, the planning phase is nothing without quality results. Ginger maintains this mindset when working with her nDash content community, too.

On average, I save between 15 and 18 hours every month by working with my nDash content community. As a marketing consultant, this is invaluable time that translates to business revenue as I reinvest those hours back into my business.

Writing content is one of the most time-consuming parts of any marketing consultant’s job. Clients want quality articles that both educate their prospects and win new customers. If marketing consultants can’t meet those demands, the most polished strategies will fall flat.

Now, with the help of an nDash content community, IgniteRM is positioned to support any new client with quality written content within any timeline necessary.