Customer Spotlight: CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg has been named one of the “12 Online Tools Marketers Should Check Out” by One of the “Top 10 Data Analytics Tools for SMBs” by MarTech Advisor. And one of the ”7 Content Marketing Tools You Need to be Successful” by Jeff Bullas.

CrazyEgg was founded in 2006 by Hiten Shah and Neil Patel. It was one of the first testing platforms designed for the modern marketer. And at the time, it was one of the earliest entrants in the growing MarTech landscape.

Despite its powerful branding, CrazyEgg hasn’t grown complacent over the years. There are over 6,000 companies competing for attention in the MarTech space. Therefore, CrazyEgg has had to maintain its high level of marketing excellence.


From day one, content has played an important role in CrazyEgg’s success. And as Juliana Casale, Head of Marketing at CrazyEgg, and her team keep pace with marketing trends, it’s more important than ever to be able to scale content creation up and down as necessary.

The Challenge: Keeping Content Creation on Track Under Any Circumstances

Consistently publishing great content has helped build the CrazyEgg brand. For example, over 300,000 websites now use the tool to improve what’s working, fix what isn’t, and test new ideas.

Juliana Casale has created a structured, highly-organized process to keep its content creation on track. CrazyEgg works with an SEO agency that provides keyword strategy, writers, and content reporting. For each assignment, progress is tracked using JIRA, while detailed editorial comments are provided in Google Docs.

This process has worked well for CrazyEgg—but it’s not without its challenges.

“We never wanted to overhaul our content creation processes, but we’ve had situations that showed us it isn’t perfect,” said Juliana Casale. “In one instance, our agency’s writer was out sick, and we needed to quickly find a writer who could fill in the gap.”

Rather than skipping days on the editorial calendar until the agency’s writer returned, CrazyEgg turned to nDash to find a freelancer without the typical hiring hassles.

The Solution: Adding a New Layer to the CrazyEgg Content Community

Before searching for freelancers, the CrazyEgg content community consisted of internal employees and the SEO agency writer. To address any gaps in that team, CrazyEgg used nDash to work with a reliable freelance writer. Doing so allowed them to add a new layer to its content community.

“When the SEO agency’s writer was out sick, we didn’t have time to take the assignments in-house,” said Juliana. “We used nDash to quickly source a new writer. We liked his work so much on that original engagement that we’ve kept sending him assignments even after the agency writer was back to work.”

As a free-tier member, there’s no downside for CrazyEgg to work with its reliable nDash writer through the platform. And better yet, nDash has helped streamline the process—no matter how many assignments they need help with at any given time.

The Result: Simple, Scalable Freelancer Relationships

“My favorite thing about nDash is being able to send assignments and approve payments all in one place,” said Juliana.

CrazyEgg relies on its nDash writer to be there when they need to ramp up its content volume or publish some kind of emergency coverage. The lack of predictability makes it inefficient to deal with the 1099s and contracts that come with traditional freelancer relationships.

With nDash, CrazyEgg is able to scale its content creation without worrying about the operational side of things. There are no limits on the number of assignments CrazyEgg can send directly to its freelance writer, and payments are delivered without any awkward invoicing.

CrazyEgg’s loyal audience expects insightful content published consistently and delivered to email inboxes on time. Now that Juliana and the marketing team have filled out their content community with an nDash freelancer, they can meet those expectations no matter the circumstance.

“nDash is an affordable option for when we need to ramp up our content volume or need emergency coverage. We liked our nDash writer’s work so much that we’ve kept sending him assignments even after our main writer returned from absence.”