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Customer Spotlight: AppNeta

AppNetaHow nDash Drove a 200% ROI and Expanded the AppNeta Marketing Team’s Technical Capacity. 

The Company: Industry Leader in Network Performance Monitoring

AppNeta is the leader in proactive end-user performance monitoring solutions built for the distributed, cloud-connected digital enterprise. With AppNeta, IT and Network Ops teams can ensure continuous and exceptional delivery of business-critical applications. AppNeta’s SaaS-based solutions give IT teams essential application and network performance data. That allows them to constantly monitor user experience across any application, network, data center, or cloud.

Challenge: A Lack of Solid Content Creation Goals

AppNeta wanted to address several challenges, so they set goals to expand the volume with which they published content, improve their search engine ranking through targeted keyword usage, and create engaging content for their existing customer base.

Solution: Tapping Into Experts From nDash’s Freelance Community

AppNeta joined nDash in 2016, shortly after its product launch. The company has grown to build a weekly and monthly cadence of content requests. They’ve consistently produced content across multiple formats spanning email, case studies, blog posts, and social media.

Damian Roskill is AppNeta’s Chief Marketing Officer. He explains the value of this solution. nDash enabled AppNeta, “to draw from a broader skill set of writers that have experience both in publishing and in technical SaaS documentation.”

AppNeta dashboard

“I was looking to have multiple journalists who could cover a range of topics to make us more competitive from an SEO perspective. For the price of a full-time writer, we could have a team of nDash writers all simultaneously working on content across topics and keywords.”

Testimonial from AppNeta

“nDash has enabled us to produce a lot more content and provided us with a 200% ROI.”

Are you to try nDash for your brand and see how it can help you achieve your content goals? We have a full house of freelance writers who are excited to meet you and build a long-term relationship. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about how nDash can help you achieve your content creation needs.