What's New? Pre-Funded Accounts & Profile Redesigns

What’s New? Pre-Funded Accounts & Redesigns

Flexibility has been a core value at nDash from the start. Writers have the flexibility to work where and when they want. Brands have the flexibility to pay for projects on-demand. The list goes on. But what does this have to do with pre-funded accounts and profile redesigns? Let’s dive into these new features.

Recently, however, several companies came to us with another request for greater flexibility in the realm of billing–specifically, the ability to pre-fund their nDash accounts. While on-demand payments are great for most smaller companies, the larger ones (with watchful finance departments) wanted better predictability when it came to how much was being spent.

After a brief beta period, we’re excited to announce that all companies now have the option to pre-fund their nDash account.

How Pre-Funded Accounts Work

Under Settings, click on “Billing Overview”

billing overview

From this page, you’ll see a button to “Add Funds”


Fill out this form, and we’ll send an invoice to pay via credit/debit, ACH, or check

Once your account is funded, you can keep track of your balance and remaining funds from the new Billing Overview page.


  • Companies that pre-fund their account can still add a credit/debit card to pay on-demand
  • The “Committed” field on the billing overview page will calculate all assignments that are in progress (but not yet paid) regardless of whether you are pre-funding
  • The totals on the Billing Overview page are calculated from all groups within the account

You can learn more about this feature in this customer Help Topic.

Other new features and enhancements for our latest release include:

New Group Profile Layout

We redesigned the group profile layout to be more scannable for writers and more sequential for brands.

new group layout

If you need help completing your group profile to better onboard and attract top-flight freelance talent, contact our customer success team.

There’s a lot more in the works for this summer, but in the meantime, if you’d like to request a new feature, we’re all ears!