New Features: Email Referrals & Assignment List

New Features: Email Referrals & Assignment List

I believe it was Alec Baldwin’s character in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross who said: “Always be launching new features.” Our tech team has taken this advice to heart here at nDash. And with that, we’re excited to let you know about a couple of new features. Those include email referrals and an assignment list. There’s also a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future. Let’s take a closer look…

For Writers: Email Referrals

In one of our stats meetings, we discovered that 44% of all our new customers in 2021 have come via referrals from our writer community. Given that we credit writers with a lifetime royalty when someone signs up with their profile URL or referral code, it’s not all that surprising. Still, we wanted to make it easier for writers to earn passive income by referring their friends and colleagues, so we gave them the ability to invite them via email.

In the Referrals section of the platform — where you can see who you’ve referred and cash out your rewards — you’ll also now see a button to invite via email.

freelance referrals

Once you click this and enter your contact’s email, they’ll be sent a message that looks like this:

invite by email

If and when they sign up, you’ll be credited with the referral and earn a % of their spending on nDash for the rest of your days.

Know someone that might benefit from having access to thousands of the world’s top freelance writers?

Give it a try!

For Brands: Assignment List View

nDash is more than just a freelance platform; it’s also a tool for brands large and small to organize content production with their in-house teams. So if you’re listing most modern marketing teams, that means you have a lot in the works at any given time. Some assignments are completed, some are past due, and some are still in draft mode. You get the idea.

To make it easier for brands to visualize this flow, we consolidated all the assignment tabs into one list. Whereas before, you would have “Un-Assigned,” “In-Progress,” and “Completed” separated by tabs, they are now all in one list, which you can collapse and expand as you see fit.

assignment list view

A few minor changes on the states and statuses of each:

  • Drafts: Formerly called “Un-Assigned.” This list includes assignments that have been created but not yet put in progress. They could be just saved drafts, but they could also be assignments that were sent to a writer but not yet accepted (like an Open Assignment).
  • In-Progress: Pretty self-explanatory. This list includes assignments that have been accepted by the writer but not yet completed. The statuses here can be “In-Progress,” “Past Due,” or “Submitted for Approval.”
  • Completed: This list includes assignments that were paid, approved (for in-house assignments), canceled, or purchased (for articles from the Publishing Network).

We hope this small change makes a big difference when it comes to organizing your content pipeline.

Coming Soon

A quick glimpse at a few features that’ll be deployed very soon:

  • nDash Inbox (i.e., Activity Overview): This will be a central page for all your updates and messages. That includes an assignment, a content idea, or a direct conversation.
  • Consolidated Assignments Tab: The content calendar and Kanban board will be included on the Assignments page. But they have alternate views of the same data. So if you prefer to view your content production in a calendar view as opposed to a list, this will make that easy to do.
  • Writer Content Calendar: Writers on nDash can see the same calendar features as brands. That allows them to easily see key dates and deadlines.
  • Updated Brand Profiles: The cleaned-up writer profiles have been a big hit. We’ll be rolling out similar changes to the brand profile to make it easier to read and digest.
  • New User Roles: Let’s just say that nDash won’t just be for writers anymore. We’ll leave it at that for now.

Have a feature you’d like to request? Hit us up on LinkedIn.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash