Platform Updates: Request Pricing, Suggested Writers, Quick Guide, and Other New Features!

Platform Updates: Request Pricing and More!

Another week gone, another new round of features on the nDash content community platform. In this update, we’re coving features like request pricing, suggested writers, a quick guide, and more!

Here’s a quick look at what we launched earlier today:

Request Pricing on Assignments 

Unlike other platforms that price per word or (worse) have a fixed price for certain types of content, we wanted nDash to be a more open marketplace, a place where writers could get the rates they’ve earned and where clients pay for value (not word counts). While we’ve done our best to give brands a sense of how much they should pay freelance writers, they often remained unsure of what to price their assignments at.

The solution was pretty simple: just ask the writers!

In our latest launch, we gave brands the ability to request pricing. This feature can be used when posting open assignments, sending to a favorites list, or sending to a writer individually. Take a look:

let writers make the first offer

Once sent, the writer(s) will respond with rates, and you can take it from there by accepting and/or counter-offering.

Quick Guide 

Maybe you’re new to nDash. Or maybe you need a refresher on all the ways we can help with content creation. If so, we inserted a quick guide tutorial to help you navigate our core features and get the most from our platform.

quick guide


Reminder: nDash offers custom onboarding (on an ongoing basis) for all companies on the Pro Tier. This includes account setup, writer team building, and more.

Suggested Writers

Did you know that nDash now has around 12,000 writers in the community? Well, we’re guessing you don’t need all of them. In fact, we’re pretty confident that you’ll want to start with a short list of writers that closely match your industry and audience. As part of the latest launch, we placed these writers front-and-center on your brand dashboard.

suggested writers

(Note: for hyper-accurate suggestions, please complete your brand profile to its full extent).

Freelance Favorites 

Another small-ish change we made was to prompt users to add a writer to their favorites list. In the past, this was something they had to figure out on their own. Today, the system will prompt them to add (or not) a writer to their lists after completing an assignment. Again, it’s a small step towards an important milestone: having a tight-knit group of freelance writers as part of your content community.

A few even smaller items are included in this release:

  • Bug fix on saving drafts
  • Bug fix on WordPress integration
  • Update of in-platform text editor
  • Copy changes on the brand profile

That’s it for this week. Have a product suggestion? Let us know on LinkedIn!