Content Feeds

Introducing Content Feeds (New Feature in nDash)

Back in my content marketing manager days, I obviously spent most of my time creating content, but I also spent a great deal of time-consuming content research and other tasks. I had Google news alerts set for important keywords. I would visit between 10-15 websites on a daily basis in search of the source material. I’d also benchmark our content efforts versus that of our competitors. It was an essential part of my role, but it was also exhausting. I needed a solution, and, unfortunately, content feeds weren’t a “thing” yet in my workflows.

I suppose this is why I’m so pumped about the latest feature in the nDash platform: Content Feeds. Basically, we’ve given brands the ability to monitor news on important terms, set RSS feeds for all their frequently visited sites, and keep a close eye on what the competition is doing—all from a single hub.

Take a look at this quick video about content feeds:

Ultimately, a sustainable content creation plan requires more than just great writers. It requires great source material and diligence in keeping up with the latest industry news and trends.

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