Content Creation Pricing Guide

Paying freelance writers? Here’s what you need to know.

The task of pricing content might seem arbitrary, but getting it wrong carries significant risk. Bad content not only fails to perform, but can have an adverse effect on brand reputation. Spend too much and you won’t have enough to make a marketing program sustainable. Spend too little and you’ll constantly be sourcing new writers. So how much should you plan on spending?

The following guide provides the answers.

Based on thousands of transactions in the nDash platform, this guide offers marketers and agencies with practical advice on what to pay for a wide range of deliverables — from website copy and newsletters, to blog posts and whitepapers.

You’ll learn about:

  • Specific prices based on industry, scope, expertise and more
  • Deciding between generalist writers and subject matter experts
  • What the democratization of content creation means for brands
  • How research, frequency, edits and other factors can alter the costs
  • Industry benchmarks for cost, quality and quantity

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Content Pricing Guide

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